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While we were busy with IIFA coverage, Sonakshi had given us an appearance while promoting Lootera in Delhi. In the striped Dev R Nil dress and Masaba long shirt, she looked lovely. Love the updo and the subtle studs.


Sonakshi Sinha at Lootera Promotions in Delhi

Photo Credit: Instagram/Page3-Reporter

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  1. You love the updo and studs, but what about the fact that the shirt has no business on this dress? Bias towards Sonakshi or not, that just makes no sense to me!

  2. Love it….looks great on her.
    She looks her age – young n fresh (unlike her over the top sari appearances that make her look like she’s in the madhuri/sridevi generation)
    Hope this continues…

  3. Sorry Sonakshi, you can pose against the wall, do a pout but you look pretty ridiculous. That shirt is like the water coats you get at Niagara falls, this is one just a fancy version of that.

    • Agreed! Also since she is on the heavier side she should avoid horizontal stripped dresses. It makes her look wider than she is.

  4. The yellow looks great in the middle two insta/photoshopped pics BUT not so much in the other 2 pics. And the hair…
    Her hairstyle looks so different in the 2 sets of pics.. I don’t know what to believe anymore.. lets just say she looks nicer in the middle 2 pics

  5. She looks pretty and all….. But seriously who wears such clothes….don’t mind the inner dress but that long shirt is hideous…. Looks like she works at a tea estate(that’s how tea leaves pickers dress up -long nighty over that a shirt)-sonakshi plz get anaita shroff/ pernia qureshi/nitasha or someone who knows fashion to style u! It’s a request ….

  6. i have seen a koton dress which is the absolute same! why would a spend big bucks on designer wear when theres already a high street version?

  7. I don’t like this look much. The stripes make her look wider than she actually is. Both the dress and the shirt are individually very good, but I don’t think they work well together.

  8. Adore this! Love how pieces from 2 different designers have been put together here but it looks like the outfit was just supposed to be together
    She also looks like she’s having so much fun
    As gorgeous as she looks in saris, this dress takes years off her


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