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Taking a break from performing, Sona attended two fashion events this week first making an appearance at the Woolmark event in a Vaishali S gown and then at LFW in Paromita.

Now, in case you are wondering that these are two different people completely, let me assure it is one person. There is crazy good and then there is crazy bad and between the boots, the haathphool and that septum ring, her LFW look was the latter.

In contrast, in the gown, she looked so good!

P.S. She is wearing an Eina Ahluwalia ring on the left and haathphool on the right.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. All the celebs who wear saris in odd style reminds me of gypsies.. no offense to gypsies… but its a crime to spend a fortune and wear them in such a creepy manner…

  2. This woman, her clothes and her “fierce” looks. LOL! Why did she leave out a head piece and add some gajra would have looked more wtf! And the gown is not any less laughable.

  3. The negativity in this blog’s comment section is indeed sad. A sad reflection of the lives being lead I suppose.. The way she wears the sari is not something I’d date do but I’m loving the need to reinvent a garment. It’s fashion week after all. Street style & authenticity over gowns & pretty frocks any day. The Vaishali jacket looks lovely but the gown looks a tad short for Ms Mohapatra ? The sandals peeping out seem out of the Eina cuff & hathphool as always. Paromita sari & a Bengali wedding hathphool seem a cultural tie up of sorts.

  4. Referring to the comment about negativity on this blog, I think most people would struggle to say anything positive about this saree look…….. can’t love reinvention for the sake of reinvention if the end result is this, sorry.


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