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At a recent event promoting his upcoming movie, Sidharth Malhotra paired his Scotch denims with a HMXErdem shirt, Asa Kazingmei leather jacket and Tods sneakers.

Nothing to fault here, he looked good!

Sidharth Malhotra at Ittefaq Promotions

Photo Courtesy: Viral Bhayani

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  1. There’s an ancient tradition practiced by Mali-nese tribes – where when the moon is a specific shape in the sky a large bon fire is set up and men and women alike dance around it . The interesting aspect of this is that the fire is started by the spark that ensues between two swords held by two different men. The men fight till they can start the fire – but this is a fight where everyone wins. Because it creates enough light to scare away the silver fur nosed foxes and enough to roast some game and feed the village.

    Those trousers he is wearing belongs in that fire.

  2. When Bollywood men sport such sloppy looks and get a free pass on a fashion blog – granted by the HHC crew and the readers, and Vidya Balan is grilled endlessly, it comes off as clear hypocrisy. At least Vidya Balan as an actor is leaps and bounds ahead of the blokes who get a free pass here in spite of showing up the way Sid has here, and previous examples of actors like this:
    or this:
    and many more.


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