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Two magazines recently had leading men on the cover accompanied by models. Sidharth featured on the Maxim one this month in a suit from Arvind Store with Carla Dennis and Ninja Singh (both in Deme).

Ranbir wearing a Roberto Cavalli suit and Dior shirt featured on the Vogue issue last month with Gizele Oliveira (right of Ranbir) in Balmain and Ketholeno Kense in Fausto Puglisi.

Of course, the Vogue cover was a lot more striking and more so because of Ketholeno and Gizele. As for the Maxim, as much as we love Sidharth, it was quite a snooze.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I actually feel quite the opposite… The Maxim cover seems fresh and original, and has a nice vibe to it. And I love the colors both Siddharth and the models are wearing.

    The Vogue cover seems quite same ol’, how many such covers have happened with the man staring into the camera flanked by ladies. Ranbir’s expression also adds nothing unfortunately.
    Not to mention they’ve photoshopped the s**t out of their faces.

  2. Both Siddharth & Ranbir are hotties. I like Siddharth better in his blue. Looks more striking. Ranbir’s suit works for a magazine cover, but I dont like the high waisted pants. Also the facial hair. 😛

  3. Vogue cover totally outshines… Ranbir has presence .. Sid, maybe because of the overly matchy blue text just blends in the cover.. where’s the oomph?

  4. Interesting- we have women going solo on magazine covers, while even the most attractive leading men need attractive women flanking them to sell magazines.
    How the tides have turned. Though, I’d prefer not using models as ‘props’ for men in these magazine covers.

  5. Vogue India is aiming too low with all its uninteresting stream of Bollywood covers. This one, featuring an actor with zero personality, is no different. What is so ‘fashion’ about this cover exactly?

  6. Sid’s suit is soo monotonus with so much of blue(but of course it works on daily life. But not of covers) And his expression is really too bad.

  7. Both men look *distinctly* uncomfortable and awkward – both in expression and in body language…I mean look at the uncomfortable way the two guys put their arms around the svelte girls!

    I cant understand why they need scantily clad models as props. I’d rather have the men go solo and the stunning models on another. As it stands I cant decide which cover is worse(r)

  8. Sid’s expression tho 😀

    Seriously, these magazine cover poses have been done to death. Sushant’s cover a couple of days ago REALLY stood out amidst this sea of mediocrity.

  9. Much prefer Sid, his suit and the magazine cover. Ranbir (what’s with the eye make-up?) on the other hand is photo shopped a bit too much and just looks weird.


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