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Shweta attended the Masaan photocall wearing a white Shilpa Reddy look featuring a structured embroidered crop blouse. Between the heavy chunky sandals and the boxy shoulders of the top, I shouldn’t be liking this look, but I find that I do. The outfit looked cute on her and that probably has less to do with the outfit and more to do with her persona.


Shweta Tripathi at Masaan Photocall

Photo Credit: Zimbio

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  1. omg! pls shlipa reddy stop calling yourself a designer, most of u r dresses are copycats and wannabe! will never buy shilpa reddy in my lyf!butwat swetha looks lovely!!

  2. Hey dudes! The top designers you admire all started at the same place- at the very bottom!Their present status is a 3 decade story with many mistakes and lessons learnt inbetween. Nothing great happens in a week or a year. Shilpa Reddy is relatively new and she is trying hard. Cut her some slack, will you?


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