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Wearing creations by Gaurav Gupta, Shruti and Shriya attended the designer’s store launch in Hyderabad. They looked nice. Have a preference between the two?

Shruti Haasan and Shriya Saran

Photo Credit: Ragalahari.com

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  1. I think they both look rather lovely (so refreshing to see them both do good for once!). I’m glad that Shruti didn’t go the punk-goth-rock-chic route as per her own norms, but there’s something off about her look. I think it may be the camera angle, photographing such a tall woman from an unflattering height? Because I love how tall people look in short dresses (I’m thinking of Katrina back in Mexico on her b’day). That same magic fails to be replicated here. šŸ™ However, I don’t think Shruti’s dress in and of itself is ‘fresh’. Literally seen it and its counterparts (in style), with folded over crepe-y materials, a thousand times ā€“ both on HHC and elsewhere on the net. Fresh for her, though ā€“ yes. Shriya’s isn’t novel either, but I just find myself leaning towards her look. Embellishments-wise: I like the details on Shruti’s dress more than Shriya’s gown; in that case, Shriya’s is hackneyed (ahem, signature) to the core.


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