Vogue India August: (Un)Covered

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Defying time are Feroze and Shobhaa for whom it seems as if the clock has stood still! Still looking fabulous and every bit the super models they once were, they grace Vogue’s August cover in Armani. Of course, Ujjwala and Jyothsna hold their own and then some.

Who is your favorite on the cover?

Update: Added the real cover.


L To R: Feroze Gujral, Ujjwala Raut, Jyothsna Chakravarthy and Shobha De
Vogue India August 2009 ( Bid )


Giorgio Armani, Spring 2009


Alexander McQueen, Spring 2009


Giorgio Armani, Spring 2009

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  1. uh i’ve seen the alexander mcqueen on cheryl coe and thought it looked terribleand it still does on this cover.
    also i wonder why the put that “ageless issue” sticker that way, it’s hiding most of the photo and shobaa de’s beautiful dress!! tsk tsk lol

  2. while I loved the fact that they brought India’s past present and future models together, I hate the photo-shopping on Shobha and Feroza, They do show signs of aging in real life and that is OK, as they still look fabulous without this photo-shopping.

  3. Jyothsna is my fav. She cud give any of the present models a run for their money even now.
    It’s a great cover, but I do wish they had gone easy on the photoshop for once.

  4. who is Jyothsna? She looks gorgeous.

    the cover itself looks like an early 90s femina cover. could have been something more exciting.

  5. On second thought; just to clarify: Vogue worthy because of the concept of models and keeping it fashion centric… nothing else, of course agree with pdaervo that it is contrived and stale might i add.

  6. Isnt the Giorgio Armani dress that Feroze Gujral is wearing the same one that KareenA Kapoor wore on Harper’s Bazaar’s first issue?

  7. I agree with above.. this is one of the VERY FEW Vogue covers that actually look Vogue worthy. They all are so beautiful.. I haven’t seen the new models before but wowwww.

  8. Hey P&P,

    I was waiting for you guys to post this… I ‘d even mentioned it in one of my comments previously…

    This is one of the Vogue covers that I like,!!

  9. They fooled even high heel with the photoshopping. Nice! Shobha and Feroze do not look like this in real life, its so unfair for the women aging gracefully to show these as bench marks…its like “please get some botox”

  10. hi

    isnt the dress on feroze the same as seen on harpers bazaar launch issue (march 09) on kareena kapoor? just a thought, would be great if u can clarify! 🙂

  11. Same here, photoshoped or not for me its Shobha, her face is full of expressions, Jyosthna’s is the worst of them all no expressions what so ever.

  12. I would love to see a cover with
    Madhu Sapre
    Mehr Jessia
    Noyonika Chatterjee
    Achla Sachdev
    Ujjwala Raut
    Namrata Shriodkar
    Priya Pradhan
    Alison K
    Queenie Singh
    and a few other big ramp name from the 80s 90s that still look masala hot.
    They might end up in a big catfight cause each one of them has disliked another at some stage however if the camera keeps rolling it will make a great cover

    “Killer Looks” Vogue India.

  13. an aside comment from the cover and the models featured- i like this model Ashika Pratt, great looks, poise, body.. why isn’t she featured more on covers


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