In Neeta Lulla


An art show preview saw Shilpa do desi in a Neeta Lulla angarkha style long kurta and palazzo pants. Adding some color to the white via a ruby layered necklace and a long pearl and ruby one, she finished out the look with her Hermès Birkin and Dior sandals.

She looked nice even though I think she could’ve skipped the longer necklace.

What say you?


Shilpa Shetty at Anu Malhotra Art Show in Delhi


  1. Blingy watch- check, ruby necklace- check, one more ruby necklace-check, rock on finger- check, ginormous bag costing the GDP of a small nation- check, Aesthetics- who’s that?
    Such a lovely, elegant dress..could it not have been left shine on its own. Someone please rip it off of Shilpa and give it to Neha Dhupia.


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