In Manish Malhotra

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Shilpa talked about her life juggling many roles at the India Today Woman Summit to which she wore a Manish Malhotra.

Can’t say am a fan of the lace blouse or the logo Dior sandals but have to admit, she looked elegant.

You can read her session more Here.


Shilpa Shetty at India Today Woman Summit and Awards 2014


Shilpa Shetty at India Today Woman Summit and Awards 2014

Photo Credit: IndiaToday

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  1. I just dislike it when ladies cant wear the proper length or even wear properly the underskirts…Wearing right length underskirt and draping the saree properly is the first step to look elegant in sarees !!

  2. Of the less is more school of fashion she is not, but she has a own charm. Though, a too short petticoat under the saree is truly unforgivable.

  3. Summit or cocktail soiree? These Bollywood people have NO idea how to dress appropriately. The men wear ripped jeans to weddings, the women wear formal suits to poojas (Pooja Bhat) and lace sarees to conferences (Tabu, Ms. Shetty here, Kajol in NYC).

  4. wow! she looks angelic and so ethereal i like everything bout this look the blouse the shoes her make up.. head to toe awesomeness!!


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