An Almost Ditto!

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Léger-holic Shilpa was spotted wearing yet one more tonight at Baba Dewan’s Birthday Bash. She paired her sequin dress with a custom monogrammed Leiber clutch and ankle-tie kitten heeled sandals. Weeks earlier, we had seen Sussanne wear a gunmetal version to HDIL Couture Week except she paired her dress with McQueen clutch and black pumps.

While there is no doubt Ms. Shetty rocks the hell out of a Leger, wish she had paid heed to Coco’s famous words (“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory”) while putting on the Chanel Love brooch ( ironic, isn’t it? ). The sparkly brooch with all that sequin was too much.

We gotta ask, but of course, who do you like better?

Left: Sussanne Roshan at HDIL Couture Week 2010
Right: Shilpa Shetty at Baba Dewan’s Birthday Party

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh My! Shilpa look bangin’ in that dress! Why oh why would you add silver sparkly clutch, heels and that unsightly brooch!!! Such a shame… if she had done an all black look this would have been stunning!

    • i agree with suzanne comment…i have never seen her smiling like that. her hair is little bit different as well..

      i think shilpa looks nice too… this dress gives nice curves to anybody.

      it’s a nice dress to begin with.

  2. Suzanne it is! On Shilpa it looks like any ordinairy dress….Suzanne’s gunmetal version is much hotter and I love her tousled and relaxed hair. She looks causally sexy n isn’t trying too hard.

  3. although Suzanne made all the right accessory choices – have to go with Shilpa on this one.

    When it comes to wearing a Leger, there is no way anyone can even come close to Shilpa in India – not as long as she has that bod anyway!

    • Agree with u.
      Shilpa is rocking the ledger and I dont mind the brooch.

      ps:- i feel guilty for eating yummy muffins,cakes when i see shilpa’s body:-)

  4. SUZANNE ALL THE WAY! shilpa jus has a lotta money and a great body. i think weve established from shilpa’s previous appearances that she doesn’t have taste and doesn’t know how to style an outfit.

  5. Shilpa will win any day with that bangin bod. The brooch has to go. But I can’t think of anyone who can make Leger look so good. Suzanne has a pretty nice body too but her slouching and bad hair usually works against anything she wears.

  6. I think Suzanne looks better. Her whole look works really well. I have to mention that I’m not usually a fan of her looks, but she looks really relaxed & genuinely happy in these pics.

  7. Over all – I like Suzanne better.Even though Shilpa’s body looks great in the dress, some how Suzanne looks real. Shilpa has over – accessorized, ugly brooch and ugly clutch.

  8. Shilpa looks so much better cos of her bod! What’s really funny is how her husband is trying to put his arm around her shoulder and she is busy posing for the camera…lol


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