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Shilpa hosted a Diwali bash at her home wearing a color-blocked kurta look by Neeta Lulla for the do. Between the silk top half and the full-skirt of the kurta, there wasn’t much to like already but what made it worse was wearing the kurta with those silk pants.

This outfit almost bordered on the WTHeyyy! for us. Did it for you?


Shilpa Shetty At Her Diwali Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Bordering? This looks put together in the way that I would pick clothes during Diwali cleaning or to sleep in.

    Such a pity that the next post is Lara Dutta in all her dignity.

  2. oh.. is that a kurta? I thought its a skirt & top… yes.. its a WTheyyyyy of the year…
    I cant imagine one can imagine to wear this… even a chudidaar cant be paired with this kurta…

  3. Maybe they were hosting a Ramleela ( the play, not the movie) theme party where she was playing monkey king Sugreev while also moonlighting as Shurpanakha. Its the only logical explanation for that.. that..THING she is wearing.

  4. Totally weird :/ this look would’ve been so much more cool if that top was actually an orange crop top with a floor length dotted skirt.

  5. Shilpa Shetty is usually more discerning regarding her sartorial choices. So such a fashion faux pas comes as a rude shock. Didn’t she look at herself in the mirror?! I was totally like WTHeeyyy!!

  6. What a horrible outfit, whtyyy for sure!
    I thought it was a white skirt unstil I read that its a kurta..
    Dint she look in the mirror.. atleast her sis could have told her this looked baddd..
    from what I can see, Shamita looks nice.

  7. I think I get where the dress is going – its sort of a wannabe retro kurta with the inspired boxy square shoulder on top and the over simplistic skirt under. It might (might is a stretch!) have worked with an abs no make up/ accessories by someone like Frieda Pinto with a modern look. On Shilpa, with the OTT everything and shudderous PJ underneath, it looks downright scary. Yikes.

  8. Sure Shipa’s sartorial sense can be brought into question yet one cannot help but wonder – who is the designer of the outfit and is this from a recent collection or is this something circa 80s or 90s?
    Any idea P&P? has anybody claimed `responsibility’? 😛

  9. She must’ve lost a bet with someone – nothing else explains this hara-kiri!!!! Poor thing must be weeping inside! To be dressed like this at a bash she’s hosting !!!!!!!


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