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The Blenders Pride Fashion Tour’s Kolkata leg featured Shazahn, Sophie and Priyanka as showstoppers on day one. We didn’t care for Shazahn’s styling one bit and were super relieved that Sophie didn’t wear one of those those awful lamΓ©/lace gowns we saw on the Arora sisters at the Mumbai leg.

In the end it was Priyanka who stole the show in her all white lace Neeta Lulla.

Who is your favorite amongst the three?

Left: Shazahn Padamsee for Asmita Marwah
Center: Sophie Choudry for Mandira Wirk
Right: Priyanka Chopra for Neeta Lulla

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  1. Sophie and Shazahn look like they’re ready to work the streets of Amsterdam and Chopra looks like a bar girl…. I applaud the confidence of these designers who think they’re making amazing clothes because of these beautiful stars who endorse and further that knowing fully well how much they (bollywood) impact the market.. Really who the heck in their right mind will wear any of these??

  2. Ewwwwww, I don’t like that “nude fabric with lace on top” look….I think it looks a bit cheap. And hello, but can we at least cover up ONE of the sister????

  3. That colour is stunning on Sophie!Love her hair and makeup too! Shahzan looks awful> Yellow/Gold velvet and that odd thing in her hair? yuk! PC looks nice. I like the choli. But looks like the makeup is painted on!

  4. More like Priyanka stole all the make-up in the store. Isn’t Chandni Bar out of fashion yet? All three look terrible, thanks to the clothes and make-up.

  5. Is it me or does Sophie look like Kim kardashian at first glance?

    None of these outfits look designer… Priyanka’s lace and nude combination could have looked more intriguing if the color of the lace was tea- rose or a brownish shade.. The pure white is too stark a combination against the nude to look sophisticated.

  6. priyanka looks exquisite…quintessential ramp beauty. no wonder shes the show stopper πŸ™‚

    shazahn and sophie look good

    and those outfits..all 3 of them..are hideous. My dorm room’s curtains are more fashionable πŸ˜›


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