Sharmila at Cannes 2009: ‘Vengeance’ Premiere

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Sharmila attended the ‘Vengeance’ premiere on day five wearing a sari seen on her at the FICCI Frames 2009 event (see here). While she wore it back then with pearls, she chose to wear a light Kundan set this time. Do I even have to mention how beautiful she looks!

So many of you wrote in about her having worn her saris before so here goes. One thing to note is that unlike some other people who wear an outfit again the same way right down to the last accessory, Sharmila does change her sari up by wearing different jewelery.

P.S. Don’t kill me for that cut-out full length pic, it was the only one I could find.


At Cannes 2009 ‘Vengeance’ Premiere, May 2009


Left: at Samita Bangargi’s Collection Launch, Dec 2006
Right: At Cannes 2009 ‘Up’ Premiere, May 2009


Left: at FICCI Frames Convention, Mar 2008
Right: At Cannes 2009 Photocall, May 2009

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  1. She is so elegant. I just love her style. The saris are gorgeous and not over the top and the colors are perfect for the weather.

  2. wow..she is actually wearing sarees that are a year old.we shud really appreciate her as every actress will want to buy new clothes if they are part of the jury for cannes.

  3. With the current recession, I think it is more than appropriate to repeat your clothes. I love how Sharmila wore sarees to all the events and wore them well. She didn’t overdo it with crazy jewellery but kept it simple. Made me very, very proud.

  4. she looks lovely, also she waits sometimes 1-3 years before she repeats, so why does it even matter!!

    Intelligent woman to have brought some timeless saree’s, they looked good on her then and now so many years later.

  5. Pretty 🙂
    I admire her for not going crazy with new dresses/outfits and trying to look a certain way for the red carpet. She’s being herself and looking lovely.

  6. I think it is ridiculous to imagine she will buy an entirely new wardrobe of saris for an event where most of the folks will not have seen her “old” saris. Sharmila looks gorgeous, very classy, all her saris are age-appropriate and timeless and I love the fact that she’s wearing the clothes in which most Indian women shine. Wish more Indian women would realise the potential of a graceful sari.

  7. agree with you shruti.
    she is truly a gorgeous and dignified woman. and kudos to her for not opting for botox and facelift.

  8. agree with @shruti,
    i think some sarees like kanjeevarams, banarsis, kota etc are absolutely timeless.. if carried well. they can look absolutely fabulous!

  9. Totally REGAL and ETHEREAL!!! I think she’s the only actress of her generation (after Hema Malini) who’s maintained her beauty (inner and outer) SO well!!!

  10. As usual, Sharmila Tagore looks gorgeous and elegant. And I think saris are something one can wear all your life and still not be boring- simply because there’s so much variety among saris (and one can always change up the jewelry/accesories too)! Sharmila Tagore wears all kinds, and looks lovely in almost all of them. And it’s great to see she’s unselfconscious enough to repeat the ones she loves after a while.

  11. Recession aside, I find it quite annoying when people just can’t bear to wear something more than once. How vain.

    That said, I also find it quite annoying when people wear something again, but exactly the same every time.

    That said, Sharmila is an A-plus plus in my book because she does neither…and also for the fact that the Cannes necklace and earrings are wonderful!

  12. She is a timeless and graceful beauty and she looks lovely in her saris. Her saris are traditional and yet contemporary. None of the younger lot would have the guts to wear such outfits

  13. I’m glad to see that she apparently doesn’t give too hoots about Cannes, and she’s treated it like any other function where her really pretty Saris can be repeated. Not to mention she looks absolutely beautiful!

  14. Class act… she looks so pretty. That smile, those dimples, aww, she even looks better than her acting hey days.

    It’s nice that she is wearing her own sarees, and not going overboard with designer everything. Gives a lot of assurance to all of us who don’t wear designer labels.

  15. Looking at her, one can make out she’s royalty (even if only by marriage!) The way she carries herself, the way she wears the timeless sarees, and the simple way she chose not to go crazy buying a whole new wardrobe for Cannes – I applaud her. She signifies elegance, grace, charm and timelessness. Just like her exquisite sarees, and even more exquisite jewelry.

  16. i wish i could be as graceful and sophisticated as she is! She is a timeless beauty..and i think she looks great in all her saris, and also like the jewellry she chose to wear

  17. I read somewhere that Mrs.Pataudi is a big fan of ArtKarat and a lot of these pieces look to me like they are from that collection. Absolutely gorgeous!

  18. Sharmila is the ultimate on screen charmer who could act, dance,was sexy as hell and still is very beautiful.

    Zeenat Aman and Sharmila are my all time fav Hindi actors.

  19. This yellow Saree/pearl combo on Sharmila reminds me the song “Deewane ka naam to pucho’ when Sharmila was trying to get away from Shammi and was giving the audience a manifique tour of Paris. She was wearing (probably) yellow chiffon saree and pearls. She was 22 then.

  20. @ Addicted

    That’s what I thought too! My mom LOVES ArtKarat, she has sooo many pieces from them. That necklace does look like an ArtKarat piece! 🙂

  21. oh.. I got artkarat catalog at home and tossed it! i thought they were all fake? maybe I shud have looked closer.. haha

    anyways.. I give compare that to Jaya Bachchan’s weird green thing accompanying ash last year.. or even rekhas OTT kanjeeverams.. Sharmila definitely gets 20/10.. irrespective of repeat saris and repeat jewelery. she is showing her true beauty.


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