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By now, you’ve all probably caught up with the 2012 Oscars and some of our Pakistani readers are probably going gaga over Sharmeen’s win for best documentary(short film). Yay for the South Asian win! The co-director of the award-winning ‘Saving Face’ accepted her award wearing a beige Bunto Kazmi suit and looked lovely in it.

She later changed into a Sana Safinaz outfit (one that I loved even more) for the Vanity Fair bash, a pic of which you can find here.

Thank you ‘Amber’ and ‘Anaam’ for the clothes ID.

Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy at Oscars 2012

Photo Credit: Daylife

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  1. Awesome!! Congratulations, and such a touching topic for the documentary.

    She looks lovely, so appropriate and keeping to her heritage. She has even won an Emmy earlier, great going!!

    The Vanity Fair one is gorgeous too, but she couldn’t have walked on stage easily with that, so good choice for the awards.

    • Also, Tina Ambani walked the red carpet with the Spielbergs for Reliance-Dreamworks. She looked lovely in a white saree, very dignified.

      I wish all South Asians dressed like this when representing their countries at international events.

      • ah, thanks, dn! i caught a glimpse of a woman in glittering white saree and have been going nuts wondering who she could be! do feature her P+P 🙂

  2. You’re welcome Payal, that Sana Safinaz outfit is to die for. Thanks for the picture I was going crazy looking for it. She has showcased these amazing designers beautifully 🙂

  3. She wins an OSCAR and THIS is the best Bunto Kazmi can come up with?? I think the brand has gone down hill ever since Ms Kazmi retired and her daughter-in-law took over. I so wish Sharmeen had worn an Elan original coz the owner Khadija Shah creatives insanely gorgeous ensembles. Oh well! Sharmeen shines nevertheless 🙂

    • To clarify, my beef is not with the color or cut of the dress but rather with the awful motif (and the colors in the motifz) onit. If you look at closeups, there are POTS and trees in there :S

      • MY point sara i think v both think alike the work is so ordinary looks v paindu i think any one cud do a better job !! i hate the multicolored dapka used n knowin it was for Oscars she sud have doen something as it wud have worked for her as well but nevermind

  4. can you guys find a pic of her from the oscar lunch, she wore sania maskatiya. im dying to see what that looked like.

    the sana safinaz number is my fav so far!

    • I am not getting the whole hype behind Sania Maskatiya. From what I’ve seen, her outfits are either the casual lose fitted kurtas done to death by khaadi, daaman or have a kashmiri flare to them- (which you can find in any handicraft shop). Why should i pay a crazy amount of money to a kashmiri ‘inspired’ outfit that looks half good, when i can get the real deal at the handicraft stores for the same amount (or less)?


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