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Shahana has been busy with Bombay Begums promotions and was seen wearing a Deepika Arora dress, a Raw Mango sari and an AM:PM top and bottoms. The outfit themselves were interesting but I was drawn to the AM:PM look the most. Perhaps, because of the slick pulled back hairdo.

Which one stood out for you?

Shahana Goswami

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I love the AM/PM even if it’s too matchy.
    Love the make up in Deepika Arora dress. I feel the dress could be more fitted due to the dramatic sleeves. Nevertheless, she looks good in all of them.

  2. Love the lime saree as is.. also a nice organza blouse with a sad issue of the lining job. I’m sure the fit & cut could’ve been in better proportions and neater.
    Love the mint blue.. for the Color. Can’t understand the outfit though.

  3. The dress could have been fitted to make the sleeves the highlight. If the blouse is also from raw mango, I am seriously disappointed with their fit and cut. The matching coords isn’t spectacular.
    I think its her personality that is making all these looks work. The confidence in her posing is making her own each of these looks.

  4. Movie promotions today are more of the dress worn by the celebrity n less about the movie….where did it go wrong?

  5. A little smile goes a LONG way to make any outfit work. Don’t understand any of these looks and the angry/sullen glares.

  6. The black dress is spectacularly bad. Does this really pass for design these days? Agree with the poster above who said that the dress should have been fitted in order to make the exaggerated sleeves stand out. As is, it looks like a shapeless eyesore.

    The lime sari is a bit too bright lime for me. And the coords are as ordinary as they come. Don’t even know who would pay for such an uninspired look.

  7. She pulls off each of these looks very well. Especially like the Raw Mango and the AM:PM. The Deepika Arora dress is not as flattering, but The styling is great.

  8. The bright green saree with that blouse is the only look I like! – Delish colour; something I would totally wear. The rest two looks are meh – not even passable!


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