Fresh Off The Runway!

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Spotted on Seema Jajodia, the Ranna Gill one-shouldered dress seen already on Ranna too.

Love the dress but not the 80’s hair!

Check out another pic of Seema here and the runway version here.


Seema Jajodia in Ranna Gill


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  1. i really like this dress and most of ranna gill’s other stuff too. but for some reason the dress doesn’t look that great on this lady. it’s gorgeous on teh model and ranna gill herself. idk what went wrong here, really can’t put my finger on it. it just doesn’t have that same effect. maybe it’s the hair.

  2. I love this dress and can’t decide between this one and the other color shown on the runway model. Don’t know about Seema, all I can see is that wonderful Grecian dress.

  3. I agree with Flower Power she looks better in the linked pic.

    nothin’ wrong with big hair… she just didn’t do it properl. and yeah… big hair and this dress don’t go.


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