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Wearing a Shades of India kurta, Sayani attended a film festival screening last week. Like the kurta and the berry red pairing but then she lost me at the yellow tote and black juttis pairing. The bag color and shoe color were such opposites that it didn’t make for a cohesive look.

You can see the video to see what am talking about…

Sayani Gupta

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. In india we accept all sorts of faux pas and dont really even bother about them whether it is extremely creased outfit like this, threads pulled out, sweat patches, water stains, splatter marks at the bottom and what not…
    Meanwhile abroad, ive seen actresses half sitting in their rides, walking down the street, taking subways, semi standing in their minivans so as to not falter the outfit.
    Someone had asked Kate Blanchett about it and she said, there are tons of people who have toil hours and hours of labour and efforts in making of the outfit and then a barrage of humans putting sweat into the final look. It would be unfair if i fail to display that to the full potential. It would be shameful of me if i disrespect that. I can let loose only after i have been photographed.

    Not camparing of course… our climate, crowd density and situation is very different.

    But at least few basic outfit etiquettes would be welcome.

    • Omg yess…
      This is so true.
      International designers even have a blacklist of celebrity names and their team straight up bans them from the lending business.
      Apne yahan kala aur karigar dono ki keemat nai karte. Ask the stylists who borrow clothes and the condition in which the outfits are returned.
      This has been on my mind for a while and I’m happy to see someone called this behaviour out.

    • I agree 100%.
      Our ‘chalta hai’ approach always gets overlooked.
      And i want to apologize if someone finds this rude and i may get downvoted or recieve flak for this, but attitude like this gets counted as unprofessional in international circuits.

      • In the world of fashion , fashion is important . And on a fashion blog , critiquing fashion is what we do. One can’t comment ‘ I’m too chill to be worried about fashion ‘on a fashion blog . It’s uncool

      • While i respect your personal stance, I absolutely beg to differ.
        And let me explain it with a simple example.
        These are ‘not just clothes’.
        When even a plain rumaal gets embroidered, embellished and embossed, it no longer stays an ordinary napkin. It carries with it the art, work, beauty and the legacy of the maker. Hence, you make a pochha out of a simple rumaal, but im sure most of us wont have the heart to make a pochha out of the latter one.

  2. This looks like i was running errands and was late for the event…
    So i slapped on a lipstick on my way and shows up at the event.

  3. Doesn’t look too bad, the shoes don’t match, bag was probably picked for utility than statement accessory. It’s ok, nowadays it’s a full head to toe styled, well matched, proper dress up that’s appropriate, anything less is lazy. As long is it’s looking good we can chill. Some deliberately do show up shabbily.

  4. Why are people being judgmental. Maybe she had a bad day or something else is going on in her life that made her unable to participate in styling her outfit. It is good that she still showed up despite everything. We should still participate in life even though we can’t be perfect all of the time.

  5. This is such a refreshing comment section.
    The variability of ideas and discussions.
    Im loving how we are taking a stand for opinions, irrespective of the subjectiveness of the topic.
    Healthy dialogues open perspectives.
    Thumbs up to everyone for their inputs.

  6. wait – the concern here is that bag is not matching ? Do we know this is not her own apparel? She is wearing it in with dignity – the bag might have seemed to match with the embroidery – but in hindsight may not be the best choice. This outfit is not haute couture – it is a casual – very casual look. Surprised at the flak here. How about every outing of certain starlets that makes everything look fake and cheap ?

    • No no… Yhe issue isnt that. None of us k ow whether the outfit is hers or not or accessories are owned by her or not.
      Here, the argument has opened up many points blasé and the discussion seems to be on a broader term.
      The larger picture of how generally casual the industry is when it comes to borrowing, renting an outfit within the industry or the approach when designers lend clothes in exchange of exposure.

  7. Honestly, at first even i thought itna kuch bada masla nai hai… but after reading the comments i started to understand how our in general ‘chalta hai’ attitude as someone above mentioned, reflects in smallest of things around us.

    Someone addressed the obvious elephant in the room and after that it opened floodgates in my head.

    Also, i would like to add something.
    The entire unhealthy symbiotic relationship between the stars and the designers. Both need each other hence bear with each other’s shenanigans.
    While for bigger designers can bear this as these are merely miniscule losses, the brunt gets loaded on small or upcoming designers who literally put everything they have into the making of their name.

    This entire section was a good discord and in a way eye opening too.


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