On The Runway


There’s just so many fashion weeks and fashion tours going on that we’ve literally lost count (and our heads!).

On the runway for the Blenders Tour in Hyderbad was Tamannah and Sarah Jane and while the former looked her sweet self, it was the latter who stole the show in her Gavin gown that were paired with some droolworthy Louboutin Calypso pumps.

The Signature tour also hit Hyderabad last week and on the ramp was Zayed Khan for dear friend Manav Gangwani. If you thought the green velvet pants looked a lil’ ridiculous on Zayed, you wouldn’t be alone.

Tamannah for Neeta Lulla at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011, Hyderabad

Sarah Jane Dias for Gavin Miguel at Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2011, Hyderabad

Zayed Khan for Manav Gangwani at Signature World of 8 International Fashion Tour 2011, Hyderabad

Photo Credit: Ragalahari


  1. Seriously, tamanna is like the perfect ideal girl! She has got the shape, the beauty, the confidence, the smile, the maturity. She has got it all! Red is definitely her color!

    The other two, I don’t know what to say to those..


  2. It’s not the just Zayed’s pants, which are ridiculous. His jacket(?) gives serious competition too. Have I said this before… Manav Gangwani is a fairly terrible designer.


  3. Gavin mIGUEL REALLY rocks……Please tell me why is he not in the media more often!!!!!!!! Do a story with him please….. heard he had a success story in paris for the Haute coiffure francaise show at the lourve


  4. Though Tamannah is one of THE most gorgeous women i have seen, these clothes are kinda meh. I do like the colour on her.
    As for the sarah jane, its the dramatic effect of the clothes that are “wow”. She herself is pretty meh.
    I have nothing to say about Zayed.




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