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Samantha attended the Ritz Icon Awards in Chennai on Saturday night wearing a red Koëcsh dress with nude Louboutins and a sideswept hairdo. What really elevated her chic look was the bold lip, which we’ve been asking from Ms. Prabhu for a while now. She looked fabulous!


Samantha Prabhu at Ritz Icon Awards 2015

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  1. She looks very chic…and very different. Could not recognize her at all. All this coz of a lip color?! Wow, I’m starting to wear darker lip shades 😉

  2. the bust area looks so made up and has an awkward crease…looks like she has sucked in all the oxygen she can.. 😛 and that lip color is a refreshing change…

  3. She looks great. I rarely dislike what Samamtha wears. On a side note, this is the red that suits Indian skin tone, slightly brickish. The reds worn recently by Amrita Rao and ilk at filmfare etc, look so tacky on our dusky skin tones. I really wish stylists would stop copy pasting red looks meant for Europeans onto Indian celebrities because they supposedly look ‘hot’.

    • There’s no one ‘Indian skin’. Indian people have so many different shades of skin colour that there is no way anyone can be like this colour suits this ethnicity and not this blah blah. Probably goes for other races too but especially India because its so diverse. A lot of Indian girls look fantastic in the red lipsticks that you see on Western women.

      Anyway this look on Samantha is just wow. How beautiful is she?

      • Yeah all that ‘India is a land of diversity, yada, yada, yada’. Let me assure you all but the extremely, fair look brown beside your average white person. Or are we now supposed to pretend that is not so? I’m sure empirically one can state that a certain red would look good on the average ‘brown’ Indian. The proof’s in the pudding anyways, this one looks good, the others don’t. This is my opinion, you I’m sure are entitled to yours. But please back down from your sanctimonious call outs on innocuous comments, on this post as well as some others.

  4. She is one of the few actors who has great style.
    Lot of different looks, dressing according to her age and body.
    Always look forward to her appearances.

  5. She looks great! The red is beautiful on her and in general! It’s a very earthy brick red tone which makes it striking but it doesn’t overwhelm. Minor gripes, I think she should have work her hair up in a side-knot so the detailing in the dress wasn’t hidden and the watch, which should have been a dress watch.


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