Letters: Ruheen’s Sandals

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I saw this picture of Ruheen Jaiswal in Verve and thought you could add it to the Birkin Watch.
I love her orange shoes. Could you find out what make they are??
She is always well put together.

Thanks for sending in the picture. We are going to add it to the Birkin watch. Coming back to your question about the sandals in question, they are by Versace and were first seen on the Spring 2008 runway. In addition, Ruheen is also wearing the Marc by Marc Jacobs Kitty strapless dress.

The sandals and the dress both are sold out everywhere, and so your best bet now is find them on eBay. Good Luck!

Ruheen Jaiswal, Verve Magazine Photoshoot
Marc By Marc Jacobs Kitty Dress, Spring 2008
Versace Coin Sandal, Spring 2008

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  1. She looks superb. I believe those are the same shoes Victoria Beckham wore when she was a guest judge on the Project Runway finale?

  2. She looks stunning and love her outfit.
    And she dumped fardeen becoz he couldnt stay faithful -guess his wife doesnt care if he fools around or not.
    Maybe the wife should take a leaf out of the ex’s book on how to look well styled!

  3. haha..malini totally agree with you!! she always is so stylish and well groomed, total loss for fardeen.

    love the birkin, would love to own a white or a red. P n P what would be the best colour if one has to buy a birkin? somethink tht would look good for years to come. pls telll

  4. Ruheen looks gorgeous but the pic seems more about the bag than about her. The shoes look awesome! I bet she wouldn’t dare stand up in them .. 🙂

  5. The pic is about the bag-its from verve magazine article about iconic handbags. And I think she looks stunning. Always very stylish. And she has nice feet/toes,the model’s feet in the gold versace sandals are ugly!


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