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While Rekha went all out (as usual), Hema kept it simple but of the three, Padmini sticks out like a sore thumb with her sari. Love the color but hate the material.

P.S. What’s with the top button unhooked on Padmini. An oversight while dressing up, we hope.


Rekha, Hema Malini, and Padmini Kolhapuri
Gautam Rajadhyaksha’s Book ‘Chehre’ Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. guys are cruel to not post the confrontation pic!

    Rekha’s sari would make an admirable curtain at Versailles..and she has enough make-up on her face to repaint the whole of the great wall of China.

    Hema looks lovely though..all understated elegance…and how lovely is that Chanderi.

    And no pics of Jaya? The patron saint of the unkempt and the dowdy?

  2. Rekha looks her usual fabulous self,however I wish she’d wear different colour kanchis more, I know golds her signature colour but i’d love to see her varying it up a bit. Hemas saree is simple and elegant, a real classic. The last ladys saree is something you can pick up in most stores in india for a few thousand rupees, in fact i think I’ve seen the same exact design in diff. colours on a number of people. So very common and nothing special.

    • “in fact i think Iā€™ve seen the same exact design in diff. colours on a number of people. So very common and nothing special.”

      I actually thought that of ALL three saris šŸ˜› Hema’s and Rekha’s look better because they have personality but none of these are outfits I would feature on a fashion blog. Then again, this is PnP’s blog and their opinion is obviously different from mine.

      • Just because something is commonplace doesn’t make it less beautiful? If we followed that logic, nobody would ever wear a classic kanjeevaram just because it was worn by everybody else and is quite commonplace.

        As for featuring Padmini’s sari, it was to point out that just because a yesteryears star wears it, doesn’t make it great. It’s a well known fact that a lot of fashion in India is still driven by the TV/Movie medium and people still do blindly follow what they see on TV or the silver screen. By posting this we are trying to let as many as we can let know that this particular sari, is ghastly!

        P.S. What would you like featured then?

        • PnP, just to clarify, I’m not accusing you of anything šŸ™‚ I just find a lot of outfits on this site too…pedestrian for a fashion blog and sometimes it does resemble a desi Go fug yourself site.

          But I am totally not blaming you, I love this blog and like you said most of the fashion in the country is still TV-driven which doesnt give you a lot to work with.

          I would like to see more chic, couture-esque looks on this site, but I guess that you dont really get a lot of that when you’re covering Bollywood. But I still do like some of the looks here, and I guess it cant all be good. Yu guys are doing a fab job šŸ™‚

          • I think its great p&p cover the more traditional desi designs as well as the ‘designer’ stuff. I for one am more interested in seeing the beautiful sarees ect rather than the evening gowns and all, as living in london I can pick up any magazine and see that stuff all the time, so its nothing new for me. Lets face the fact how many indian actresses or socialites look truly fantastic in couture? At best they look like clones of their western counter parts and 2nd rate ones at that. You’re right that you’ve probabley seen a ton of women out there wearing classic kanchis and chanderis a la Rekha and hema, but I still want to see these icons versions of it and how they wear it. I’m sure Rekhas sarees must cost Ā£1000+ , not exactly run of the mill stuff then? Keep it up p&p, and keep featuring all those fab sarees and suits, because I know theres a lot of people still more interested in those rather than couture evening gowns.

          • When I said couture, I never meant western couture, just couture in general šŸ™‚ There are couture saris and lehengas out there as well šŸ™‚

  3. Hema is elegance personified. Padmini’s Sari is outdated. Rekha could be just left unsaid!!..She’ll remain in her own island of bling bling..:)

  4. Hemant is the most graceful lady.I love her sari which is normal nothing special still she has that elegance.

    Padmini is okay okay.
    Rekha ..never learns…I just dont have words .

    • Rekha doesn’t need to “learn” anything. She’s been kicking butt long before some of us were even ever born. She is a classically beautiful women with a very strong personal style. The rest of them just blend into a very bland soup of mediocrity. Hema is understated and elegant? More like boring and safe. Now Audrey Hepburn was elegant and understated even into her sixties she had her very own unique style.

      • Trisha, agree with every word. For a South Indian woman , how can wearing Kanchivaram Saree be OTT? You can see it on most ladies even during a small ceremony or gathering.

        • There’s a difference between restrain from wearing too much makeup that is just slopped on and from when it is applied with a tremendously good eye that accentuates and beguiles. Being able to spot the difference is the key.

  5. oh my god i love Hema ji saree so simple yet elegant. she is a stunner. as for rekha i have no words. why the hell is she wearing a bridal dress to a book launch, or really!!!.

    someone shake this woman plzz

  6. Rekha looks ridiculously OTT, guests should wear shades to shield the glare..its a simple book launch for God’s sake.

    the heavy kanjivaram, jasmine and heavy jewellery is so yesterday. I wish someone would steal all the kanjeevarams in her wardrobe, forcing her to please wear some other style

    Such a pity.

    • It’s not a simple book launch!! It is the showcasing of a lifetime’s work!

      It’s Gautam Rajadhyaksha’s book launch featuring a lifetime’s worth of the spectacular work he did.

      He, fyi, is one of the finest photographers/lensman/ad campaign genius of the earlier generation. His lens work is legendary (and this is before digital stuff). He has transformed the image of many a celebrity. Suffice to say he is an icon. This launch was about his book “chehre” which means ‘faces’, which showcases some of his best work and best faces.

      IMO, this is MUCH more meaningful than some store opening, or spa launch, magazine party, music launch, etc etc.

      Sorry for the rant. I mean no harm. Honest.

  7. wow!! is hema malini even for real?!! she is so gorgeous…love how she ensures that its her posture and beauty that speak volumes, and not the clothes. she’s totally diva’esque. As for Rekha, are people who swoon over her just trying to be polite? she’s been overdressing for events for the past few years now. Every award function/launch/opening/party looks like her wedding…

  8. I agree with Gossippie above..Hema is the only one who stands out here, for her sheer presence and elegance.

    When I grow old, I hope I age like Hema, gracefully and effortlessly, and not like an over made-up tart like la Rekha or a frumpy, sour-faced, dowdy creature like JB. I can’t belive I actually liked the woman once!

      • Imagine calling Rekha an ‘over made up tart’!! Are you thinking of Rakhi sawant perhaps?!!! Because theres no way on earth you could use those words to describe the paragon of south indian style that is Rekha. She looks like a goddess and I pray I can look half as good as her at her age. A tarts someone who prances about in tight, tiny dresses, not someone dressed to the nines in gorgeous, sumptious Kanchivarrams. What an offensive comment!

        • That’s the whole point Zack…I don’t even WANT TO look like La Re..scrape away all that layer of pigment, and she starts to look as haggard and old as any other 60 year old. Maybe it is time to take off those rose-tinted spectacles and take a relook, no?

          • Yeah right, haggard, nice try. Is that what they’re calling breathtaking beauty these days? She doesn’t wear makeup to look younger. She wears it to accentuate her raw South Indian exotic looks. You are extremely rude.

        • I agree Ash, Rekha might be overdressed for some, but i think she looks awesome. I love the fact that she loves to wear a saree and stunning jewellery every chance she gets šŸ™‚

          Hema looks elegant and lovely, both women are beautiful at their age or should i say their have aged beautifully.

          Padmini, well the saree is sorta of sad.

          • You’re so right Padma, I’d do the same if I was her too. Wouldn’t you all just love to rifle through Rekhas wardrobe and get an eyeful of all those sarees, cos I know I would! As for the jewelery, don’t even get me started on how much I love that! Could you even begin to imagine her wearing that synthetic looking number padminis wearing? Now that would be truly shocking!!At least Rekha knows what suits her and sticks to it.

  9. Every body seems to be obsessed with how ott Rekha’s dress sense is but no one ever compliments that she has a fab figure or she looks 10 years younger than Hema, that shows that us indians just like to point out the bad never the good. How very low of us. Compliment the lady, if it was not for her the women whould not be respected in the bollywood today. She is the first one to live life on her terms in bollywood not by marrying a powerful man like, Jaya, Hema , Sridevi, tina munium etc , etc.


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