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Rekha and Gauri wore Manish Malhotra saris to his Diwali party with the former wearing a kanjivaram and the latter a net sari. Between that red border on Rekha’s kanjivaram and the floral one on Gauri, both saris felt so very Sabya-inspired.


Gauri Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Usually I like Rekha’s sightings as she’s refreshingly OG. But the Kanjeevaram has been so brutalized by the awful border and bling, and then she blinged it up even more with the Bharatanatyam style maang tikka and bizarre necklaces that the overall look gives me creepy Ms Havisham vibes from the Great expectations.

    Gauri looks rather classic and nice, one of the few folks who turned up well dressed at the evnt.

  2. How to ruin a beautiful kanjivaram saree lesson no 1 by Manish Malhotra – add an ugly red random border to it . Rekha on other hand makes this saree look saleable .. she looks beautiful

  3. the red strip on the saree reminds me of an angry pimple which pops up out of nowhere on the day of an important function. Completely unnecessary and and an eyesore as well

  4. La Rekha is beyond critique but those points re: Sabya inspiration are so well taken. What keeps MM afloat other than god-level networking?

  5. At this point, I am just glad they are not sequine saris! I mean, atleast he has 2 more types, even though they aren’t novel atleast they aren’t sequined saris! Can’t blame the bollywood brigade wearing free stuff to the designers party. The designers lack of originality is blatant, though!

  6. i don’t understand why everyone keeps praising Rekha, her aesthetic is very loud and garish. No woman other than her would dress up like that…even for their own wedding.

    • Hehe, I think we are in awe of her diva status and collectively fearful about voicing anything even remotely negative about her style for fear that millions of fans will eat us alive! I am a HUGE Rekha fan myself but I don’t always enjoy her style outings. Sometimes they work beautifully, but sometimes it is too loud for my taste, and I think, hers as well. But she has an image to maintain, so that’s that.

    • The same can be said of anything. I detest bodycon dresses and dont get the praise. But undoubtedly some girls rock them.

      I think she genuinely like to dress like this. I won’t call it loud and garish though its just maximalism in an age of minimalism.

      The only gripe I have is that a pesron who put dusky on the map seems to lighten her skin.

      The saree aint good though. No respectable Kanjeevaram would look like a cheap knock off on myntra. The net fares better and is more true to MM.

  7. For Rekha it’s the ugly blouse that’s making this look worse.The color is also no good.
    As for Gauri a bland look with a non standout saree

  8. Sad to say that GI tagged Kanjeevaram sarees are being labelled as Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi sarees . The whole idea of a GI tag is that the weavers get credit for the art ,not the designer who tailors a generic border to the saree

  9. I love Rekha ji here. Amazing how well the saree is tied (no surprise but amazing neverthless – I specially noticed it when she hugged Disha Patani and noticed how poor on purpose was Disha’s way of wearing it)

  10. With all due respect to Rekha…. That is a terrible look ….

    The base saree is absolutely gorgeous… but the border on it and the all that jewellery…. If it was anyone else it would have been a wthey….

    Can we keep it real please….. just because it’s Rekha…. OTT dressing doesn’t become fashionable all of a sudden.

  11. Rekha outdid most people. Not crazy about the maang tika, but, it’s Rekha. Gauri’s saree and drape look messy. It seemed as if she draped the saree in haste.


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