In Swatee Singh

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The trailer launch of Shaurya saw leading lady Regina in a blue Swatee Singh maxi. Between the awkward shiny bust (blame the flashes?) and the revealing cutout waist, we weren’t really fans of the gown.

But, by keeping the look simple, Ms. Cassandra made the look work for her. It isn’t one of her best but it ain’t one of her worst, either.


Regina Cassandra at Shaurya Trailer Launch

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  1. huh? awkward shiny bust? that’s off course a light play because of an “uneven” surface. Happens to every mortal being. I quite like the gown and the make-up is pretty well done (contouring and blending)

  2. I don’t see any “shiny bust”, what are you guys talking about?
    Except for the lace detail on the sides of the gown, I think she looks great.


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