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Rasika attended virtual promotions for her web series sporting a blue House Of Three dress, floral separates from Raw Mango and a one-shouldered maxi by Vedika M.

She looked great in all of them. Have a favorite though?

Rasika Dugal

Photo Credit: Twitter

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  1. Don’t like the print but the blue black looks sheek.. missing both shoulders would be a better version,
    2nd look is nice and the print is really sweet but the broadness of the pants and blazer makes her look tinier.I like it otherwise.

  2. No hate or anything, just curious to know how these guys get motivation to dress up full on even when they know that their looks won’t be that visible..i mean nobody would come to know if they are wearing fancy heels or not

  3. I find all the outfits too voluminous! Not to take anything away from Rasika — she carries them intelligently, breaking it up by sticking out a leg or putting up an arm — but there is too much material in each of those outfits for someone as petite as her. All they do is make her look a bit overwhelmed. Sleeker styles might work make more sense — less puffy sleeves, shorter lengths, smaller cuffs.
    for instance, can’t but wonder how wonderful that blue-black dress would look on someone like Sonam.

  4. She looks amazing in all three. I like how she has an understated yet vibrant style that is individualistic to her own.

  5. Hi,
    Just suggesting if you could put up some stuff from archives or old unpublished content. Would be great to see for some distraction during this time.


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