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Going the bow-tie route were these gentlemen with some looking more spiffy than the others. Yep, we’re talking bout Ranveer and Farhan who dared to do jacquard and color while at it.

Any one gentleman in particular catch your fancy?

P.S. Ranveer is in Louis Vuitton head to toe!


Ranveer Singh and Farhan Akhtar At Filmfare Awards 2014


Ayushmann Khurana, Girish Kumar and Neil Nitin Mukesh At Filmfare Awards 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Ranveer, why you no wear socks? Even if he’s wearing loafers but suits look unfinished without socks. Actor is so much spiffier than Farhan Director. Ayushman’s suits are always well made unlike his recent movies. And finally NNM is back to being normal after a cartoon transition.

    • Ayushmann is in a Brooks Brothers’ made to order suit! And thanks, i usually make all his suits and style him, apart from his movies! 🙂

    • Dhanush certainly DID try! & he was hands down the best dressed with a great attention to the details, something Ranveer & Farhan have tried but failed of course, bless their heart.
      I hope he´ll be featured along with the other gentlemen who walked the carpet.

  2. Ranveer has off late been reminding me of Kumar Vishwas from AAP. Can’t feel the love.
    But then again it is not his fault that RK looks like someone who has been annoying me on TV

  3. For gosh sake, men of Bollywood, hire a darn tailor to hem the pants, wontcha? Still, the second row of suits look much better than the upholstery models in the first.
    Also, shoes with socks, thanks. Especially with a suit.

  4. Ok why does Ranveer always look awful? He’s always trying to step out of the norm and looks like a clown or subpar most of the time. It probably doesn’t help that I find him the least attractive looking of the men here [which isn’t helped by I don’t find Neil Nitin attractive at all]. Why not try something in the norm for a change Ranveer. Atrocious and triple atrocious knowing it’s LV pricing.

  5. whats with bollywood men and VELVET jackets? ugh. maroon fugly velvet jackets.

    and whats with wearing blue shirts underneath black jackets? i mean, who DOES that?

    and whats with leather lapels?


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