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Waist up, I am loving the details of this Sabyasachi sequin detailed anarkali on Rani Mukherjee but waist-down is a totally different story. The ombre + striped + patchwork effect felt a bit much and I particularly dislike the peekaboo waist showing through the sheer material. It just looks so odd.

Rani Mukherjee at Prakash Raj and Pony Verma Wedding Reception

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Way to ruin a dress.
    Can it be that the brilliant Sabyasachi is losing his touch? or is it just that the Bollywood cohort continually chose the wrong styles?
    Maybe he gives them the clothes that don’t sell 😉

  2. the dress is TOOO long for rani, she is swimming in fabric. This makes me think these clothes are on loan from the designer and they do not want to alter them. the pants underneath come up to her chest.

    • I have no complaints. She looks lovely, as does her dress.

      RucHii, Prakash Raj is a phenomenal national award winning actor from the South. I doubt there is anyone in TN,AP or Karnataka who doesn’t know him. Pony Varma is a Bombay based choreographer who is little known in the South. I don’t know if she’s big in Bollywood.

  3. She Looks Gorgeous! what if this is a weird dress! blame it on Sabyasachi! and he’s a DESIGNER for god’s sake! Opinions may count But if this is what a Known Designer thinks looks good on her then Be it!
    Face-wise she Looks Gorgeoussssss!!!! her make-up is stunning! Her shoes are amazing! if the waist-down part doesn’t look nice then blame it on sabya Not her! Bcuz she actually said that she doesn’t know ANYTHING abt fashion & that sabya is there for her So, if she dresses weirdly then it’s always the outfit cuz rani HERSLEF is a DROP DEAD GORGEOUS women & No One can change that! 😀

    She Looks Great after the Other few events so let’s Not ruin this! 😀

  4. Why do I feel Rani has no fashion sense … one that is distinctively hers + I feel like she is trying too hard to catch up with the current fashion trends & too busy copying other actresses…..particularly A Rai [mmmmm]
    Rani has a traditional Indian look and I do like to see her in traditional attire but not as overwhelming …she is too petite to carry off some of these outfits …this one by Sabyasachi did nothing for her….totally consumed her.

    She needs to find a designer that make her fashion style distinctive

      • @sona….you must be kidding that she is coping aishwarya rai…and she is not trying hard.. in fact i must say that her dressing sense is not predictable and better than many actresses who just wear western or just eastern wear (and you know that aishwarya only wears sarees or anarkali dresses and priyanka just wear short dresses)… and rani was the only one who used to wear sabya so she started sabya fever and than everyone followed!!

  5. Hideous! This is the problem with Rani. She looks lovely, but is completely cluless about fashion.
    This particular outfit is terrible. C’mon, I can make the exact same thing with the pallu of my Mom’s old Kanjeevaram saree and my bedroom curtains!

  6. Gorgeous girl in an ugly outfit. The colors are drab and more suited for a folk dance item, and the top part of the dress makes her chest look totally flat. Don’t want to mention the pants that come up to her chest. She should switch designers.

  7. Matter of choice i guess, give me this over bling any day. I love the dress & color both minus the peek a boo waist yes. And i think Rani looks earthy and nice!

  8. Well, I seriously guess sabya should make better outfits cuz all what rani’s doing is wearing what a talented designer gives her! if she doesn’t know anything abt fashion then it’s allright for her to listen to sabya!
    Wish manish makes something really Nice & elegant!!
    Peace Out!!!


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