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It’s been ages since we saw Ms. Mukherjee on these pages and boy, it was so good to see her make an appearance at the HT Most Stylish Awards. And shall we also talk about this curveball she threw us.

Let’s be frank, given how big a Sabyasachi fan she is, one would’ve thought she’d make her big red carpet appearance in one of his designs. That is not to say we aren’t loving her this Payal Khandwala look. We totally are. Props for not doing a gown or the same ole anarkali.

Rani mukherjee at HT Most Stylish Awards 2017

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks gorgeous and fresh! I love too that she’s not wearing the usual chamkila sari or anarkali that we see so often these days!

  2. I think she looked amazing .. it was simple yet affective.
    Red color really compliments her and also loved the makeup
    Kudos for trying smth new and looks damn good on her !!

  3. Surely a welcome change of pace, but that doesn’t make it right. The heavy-handedness of the silhouette and three contrasting colours isn’t easy on the eye.

  4. The more i look at it the less i mind it
    She looks happy natural and fresh. Thats refreshing in itself to see someone happily wearing a smile without the usual stiff poses

  5. I wish she was wearing a scooped-neck shirt underneath. She doesn’t have a long neck and this is making her look like she doesn’t have one at all. Otherwise, a great change of pace. I’d have never thought her a Payal Khandwala girl.

    • + 1000!!
      A low v neck would have given the much needed relief ?o the layers of clothing. She looks great still! Agree about not a typical gown or sari or Anarkali. She looks great!

  6. All wrong. This jacket was made for someone taller. Look how low the buttons are! The proportions are completely off. The clothes are wearing her.

  7. Its lovely to see Rani on these pages, and great not to see her in the anarkalis. The red looks great on her, but I wish the neckline was more open – as is it looks too stuffy on the top. Also, wish the trousers were more streamlined.


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