In Philipp Plein

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Giving us another sighting of her Philipp Plein dress was Rani while grabbing brunch on Sunday. Do we love seeing her re-wear the dress. Absolutely. Those studded slip-ons though got no love from us.

Rani Mukerji

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Make up, sunglasses, footwear and bag are so garish that they completely ruined this for me. The previous 2018 sighting is understated and quite sweet.

  2. Goodness gracious me! What happenedu to that well dressed Kuch Kuch Hota Hai lady.

    Every time I see her featured here, I get the feeling that she went outlet shopping for the luxury brands and picked the last heavily discounted pieces that no one wanted to buy. Then decided to wear them all together.

    Dior has such beautiful bags and she managed to find the most hideous one!

  3. Just the dress and a pair of white sneakers would have been a salvageable look. But trying to match that hideous bag to her dress ( color to color) ruined this. You don’t need a stylist to put together a basic brunch outing look. She just needs to stop trying to style herself and just be.
    Just a pair of regular jeans and a shirt would have looked great too.
    Money doesn’t buy taste for sure.

  4. I keep watching snippets on Instagram that get thrown at me from KKHH where she is supposedly the well dressed woman and Kajol the fashion misfit, but in real life, her sense of style is confused and borderline caricaturist. This is Govinda’s 90s fashion on steroids and that is not a compliment. 🙁 So far, I have only liked her Durga Puja looks.

  5. Never thought Dior made such ugly bags! How does Rani manage to find the worst pieces in all the collections?

    Smash that ever present shades into smithereens, substitute the hideous slip-ons with some blush/white sneakers, same bag in black/white/ blush, hair in a ponytail and she would have easily won this round. The dress isn’t that bad if styled right and going by her earlier sighting.

    I think having dressed up Adira for the past 6 years, she has fallen victim of the placebo/mirroring effect. There is no other logical explanation for the slew of comical looks coming from a woman who was fashion’s favorite Sabyasachi muse at one point in time. Her personal choices reflected at family functions or pujos too were impeccable back then.

  6. Hhahahaha, I am sorry I cant stop laughing at this comical sighting..and then you encourage her by saying that you absolutely loved seeing her in this dress again :))) made me crack up even more.

    And then there was the hideous eye sore of a bag, that might have worked with something utterly monochrome sober, except the lady tries to match it to the all-colors-on-board dress.


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