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Wearing a pink Benarasi, Rani attended Navami celebrations in Mumbai today. Loved the sari and styling but yet again, her make-up felt heavy-handed.

What say you?

Rani Mukerji

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I know the makeup is heavy-handed but can we take a moment to applaud her in saris looking far better than any western outfit she’s donned on these pages?!

    • I think it is Kanji vs Benarasi. I could be wrong. These days the kanjivaram designs mimic Benarisis so very closely it is hard outright identify from these pics. Hoping she posts a closeup.

    • This is not a Kanjivaram saree, it is a Banarasi saree. The zari detailing is much finer in Banarasi sarees as opposed to Kanjivaram.

      • Sorry- that is just not true. Kanchipuram saris also have intricate zari work-
        the way we can tell it is a bananarsi is by the pattern on the pall- Kanchipuram would usually have mango motifs (or something similar) and also have two rows – one at the top and one at the bottom of the thick border running the length of the sari

        • Not necessarily. I have a Kanjivaram with just flat zari, almost like a fine mesh, no motif at all.
          The zari in a Kanjivaram is different in colour and texture from a Banarasi – from what I have seen Banarasi zari can get dark and needs polishing. I have a 60 year old Kanjivaram with the zari looking a bit battered with wear but still golden.

  2. If the Vishwakarma exhibition comes to your city, please do visit. One of the displays has a long length of Kanjivaram zari – with 640!! uniquely different squares of zari patterns. Stunning in that it is both dramatic and very muted and not garish


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