One In Every Color?

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What’s worse? Having the same dress in different colors or matching your innerwear to your footwear? But, then that’s Rakhi Sawant for ya! OTT to the core!

rakhi-9x-jalwa.jpg rakhi-arre-deewano-star-plus.jpg

Left: Rakhi Sawant at 9X Bash
Right: Rakhi Sawant at Star Plus Show ‘Arrey Deewano Mujhe Pehchano’ Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

Update: Swapped Pics

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  1. hahahaha isn’t she awesome in her craziness

    its amazing how she manages to wear outrageous outfit upon outrageous outfit
    but considering her sole style requirement is to get heads to turn – perhaps she’s not doing that bad a job?

  2. To everyone, lets keep the comments about Rakhi’s clothing. Anything hinting otherwise will not be approved. All we are talking are about the clothes here. Whether they are OTT, ugly, good or great!

  3. hmm… i dnt think its that bad to have the same clothes in different colours…but one shouldnt go overboard..BUT I THINK SHE LOOKS SOOOO HOT IN THE RED DRESS REALLY HOT I MEAN

  4. Don’t P and P think that censorship of comments that might be peripheral to fashion but are otherwise polite expression of one’s opinion, is just a little perverse? The last I recalled we were in a democracy (including on the internet) where even profanity is permitted, albeit with an R rating and a disclaimer. You almost come across as dogmatic and sanctimonious. To limit one’s conversation solely to clothes, you;d have to replace the people wearing them with mannequins or render their faces unrecognizable. I thought you had begun this website to initiate discourse, not direct it.

  5. Anastasia,
    We allow a free discussion when it comes to the fashion aspect. It is when people get sidetracked and leave comments about something unrelated to the context of the post is when we feel the need to moderate them and clarify.
    We allow comments of all kinds when it comes to the fashion aspect and the person in question. We try to make sure the clothes (and sometimes their work) are the topic and not their personal lives.

    • In agreement with Payal.
      Plus, there might be a democracy, but this is someone’s own blog. You can voice your opinion everywhere, not in someone else’s house (where you respect their sensibilities).

  6. man!! tell me who has the guts to go dressed like that and still admit to crazy cameras that she is the best thing to have walked on earth!! rakhi!!! thats who!

  7. I don’t have much to say about Rakhi or her fashion. I do have to say that expecting the blog comments to remain about fashion (and maybe the work of person at hand) is a very unrealistic expectation. I don’t say that because I, personally, cannot abide by that expectation but because women are notorious for ‘hating’ on other women and tearing them apart; be it their personality, their clothes, their makeup, their hair, shoes, face, or anything in between. Assuming the majority of the traffic here is from women, P&P, you have a tough road ahead of you. Having said that, I do see why you have to censor comments and keep women focused on the subject at hand — the FASHION. 🙂

  8. I think she is looking really pretty. I see nothing wrong in what she has worn. In fact, shes stunning in the red dress. Please dont judge Rakhi’s clothes because you ‘know’ her personality. What if P. Chopra had worn the same?

  9. i find the dress n shoes ok kinds …looks good on rakhi …but to have another pair in another color …. i dont understand why ….she must know better


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