Men. Men. Men.

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It wasn’t just a women’s affair at the Burberry bash. Plenty of men attended but only two stood out for all the wrong reasons! (Can ya guess who? 😛 )

Rahul Khanna, Dev Patel and Aditya Roy Kapoor at Burberry Bash Hosted By Christopher Bailey

Dino Morea, Sikander Kher and Uday Chopra at Burberry Bash Hosted By Christopher Bailey

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I don’t have words to express how impeccably Rahul Khanna & Dino Morea are dressed. I haven’t seen shoes shine like that for a while, or a fit so perfect.

    If only others understood the importance of a good fit and simplicity…

  2. Gotta be uday for his weird stubble/beard, and mr.slumdog for still being a little kid despite a grownup galpal.

    Sikander Kher super sharp
    dino, italian pizzazz
    rahul khanna overall passing grade
    aditya, could have gotten more than passing grade, but now failed because of messy coif. should have slicked it with gel at least kinda like gordon gekko

  3. Rahul Khanna and Dino Morea stand outs! and for good reason. Both look impeccable and very stylish and oh so handsome!!! Sikander Kher looks really good too. the rest of them meh..and uday – ewww.

  4. haiye, i’m fida over dino and rahul!!
    and aditya is cool too…perhaps not dapper, but he’s got a different style and it’s working on me 😛

  5. Uday & Dev Patel stick out for all the wrong reasons. What’s with Patel’s pants and not a fan of untucked shirts at formal events. And as for Uday, does anything even need to be said??? But on the + side, how smash r my boys Rahul & Dino:)

  6. Apart from Uday Chopra, I like Rahul Khanna the least because of the black shoes with white/cream trousers. Dino Morea and Sikander Kher look great!

  7. LOVE Dino! Hotness!!! I would’ve picked Aditya too if not for his unkempt mane. He HAS to do something about it. Never really fancied Rahul Khanna and those white pants/black shoes are hurting my eyes. Uday, less said the better since i have never seen him dressed well on & off screen.


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