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… for designer duo Lecoanet and Hemant for using Rajasthani folk dancer ‘Queen Harish’ as their showstopper in response to the latest incident on Mangalore women.

Says Lecoanet: “I was disturbed by the recent Mangalore incident, when those girls got mugged. A lot has to be done for women’s rights in India”.

It is great to see them take a stand and we applaud them for it!

You can read more about Queen Harish on his blog here.


Queen Harish for Lecoanet-Hemant at Delhi Fashion Week


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  1. p&p in the future please elaborate on what happened.. being far away from the country.. lots of us don’t really get to know what happened…

  2. This is great to see- and hear! I couldn’t believe that so many people condoned that senseless violence…but I’m glad someone here has some sense! Not to mention I am feeling this dress….that peach is yummy!

  3. I really don’t get this as a “response” to the Mangalore incident.

    But I’m all for diversity on the catwalk, and Harish looks lovely!

  4. The point is there are people (men and women) that have a right to be who they are and want to be and no one person or a group can dictate their terms on others…

  5. I think their response to Mangalore and Muthalik per se would have been more effective if they’d sent out women in pink bikinis, and invited Ram Sene over to see some really fierce women on the ramp- sending out a transgender person is great, but that’s a whole different sub- issue altogether…

  6. Umm this is a little weird. aside from the fact that its a man, but her/his body also not appropriate for his/her figure. Look at the tiny waist (I could swear it’s smaller than Priyanka Chopra’s) and then look at the shoulders! the dress is alright but the color is yummy and… this model just dilutes the impact. No offence, I’m a full supporter of gay/bi/transgender rights but some times people cross the line and use these people as “objects” for shock value and sending a “message or response” across. Its quite ridiculous.

  7. well im not sure if this will help. but its so good to see transexuals on the ramp! I just googled to find out more and there is even a south indian programme, “Ipadikku Rose”, hosted by a transexual, Rose!! It truly is a new beginning and its very exciting!!
    Hopefully, these kinda shows will raise awareness and stop the public from supporting groups like Ram Sena.
    PS: for those who don’t know, just google Ram Sena Mangalore incident and you’ll see tons of information online.

  8. Agree…it was a Women’s issue…I don see how Queen Harish represents that…If it was an incident against Gay Lesbian Bi Transgenders…then yes

  9. eclat,
    he isn’t transgender, he’s a normal guy, he just dresses like women when he performs, i read about him, n i like him….very cute!

    but yes i don’t think its really the best response to the mangalore incident

  10. I dont get how this is a reply to the Mangalore Issue.. N in this country, when the gay image is already blurred, such display only makes them more confusing.. The difference between gay, transexual ans transgender is unclear in India and this is NOT Helping…!

  11. @ eclat
    sure that would be effective, but how does that bring in the “designer” element?
    these are designers we are talking about, they cant not have a show! 🙂

  12. I love it! I applaud being different and Queen Harish is pulling this off so fiercely! I just read his blog about how when he was walking the ramp, the who’s who of the fashion/film industry was either applauding or just smiling from the sidelines that someone made it so obvious that homosexuality and cross-dressing def. happens in this industry. Be who you are and be proud of it!

    Oh and I heart the dress! I think I like it more because Queen Harish carries it off so confidently!

  13. the gay/transgender/cross-dressing discussion aside, i don’t think it makes sense for designers to have men wear clothes designed for women, because a man’s physique will obviously not fit into an outfit made for a woman, no matter how fat/thin he/she is, there’s an inherent difference in anatomy that reflects on clothes. purely for practicality purposes, if i were at that fashion show and saw this guy in that dress, I wouldn’t be able to see how it really looks on a woman’s body and hence how it would translate on me. so i might not be as compelled to buy it.

    oh, and let me just add in advance that my imagination may not be the same as yours.

  14. although i do get the point that this particular appearance was more for the shock value than any intention of selling the outfit.

  15. queen harish has done a great job at carrying this dress. we shouldn’t shy away from exploring transsexual issues. after all this is mumbai, a supposedly liberal city.

  16. let’s face it, queen harish has a nicer waist and sexier cheekbones than some of our actresses. he managed to carry it off well. i’m for diversity and different forms of expression on the catwalk.

  17. F A B O L O U S!!! So glad to see that the fashion industry in india isn’t afraid to push the boundaries and do something different

    This is all about being true to yourself and your values, and not conforming to the rules that society has already made. Good for him, and hopefully this will give other people confidence to express themselves freely!

    Also, people need to stop being so overcritical about the dress. Obviously he doesn’t have womanly curves to fill out the dress, but he knows how to work the runway..and those cheek bones OMG!!

    @ me – this site isn’t advocating anything. They’re just posing what’s relevant to fashion in India. It’s no freakin’ surprise that there have been homosexuals, transexuals, cross dressers or whatever kind of people in the fashion industry for YEARS!! If you don’t like it, then why are you posting on a fashion website?


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