On An Aside: A.R’s In The Video

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Wait! Was that a sexy face he made (at the 1:37 mark) or were the lights just blinding him? 😉

Pussycat Dolls ‘Jai Ho’ Official Video

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  1. i liked the song by itself but the video sucks. and some of their dance moves are just awkward. but kudos to rahman!

    hes also in this video by akon and kardinal offishal. i think the song is called beautiful and hes surrounded by a bunch of women lolll

  2. i hated the song when u first put it in HHC.. doesnt make any sense with the visuals.. and why did ARR agree to be part of this mediocrity??

  3. ROFL @ Kanta Bai on steroids.

    At 1.37, to me it looked like the lights were blinding him. But I wasn’t watching all that closely.

    Hate what they did to this brilliant song. The simple moves that were used in the movie made sense with the context. But not in this music video. I really dislike the wierd clothes they are wearing.

  4. They’ve cheapened the song..took away all the carefree fun/masti from the original number. This song is meant for all the dancing underdogs out there and I love the way Dev Patel + FP dance in the original..this version is too risque !!!yikes!!!

  5. LOLZZZ @ Pri
    and i agree…they ruined the song. now this PCD version is gonna play in my mind when i listen to the original next time. sad.

    there’s one more reason why i dont like this blingy indian look on nicole. slumdog tried to showcase india without the usual stereotype of overwhelming costumes n dance songs. now these versions of jai ho are reversing what slumdog accomplished. y does the name india relate to dance songs with dozens of people and blingy outfits?

  6. Oh my Lord, they actually made a music video.

    They couldn’t even get a couple of brown extras? It is a Hindi song, after all.

    I’m disturbed. Very disturbed.

  7. ahahahahahahaha this is funny 🙂
    I don’t mind the song acutally, at least it SOUNDS pretty (if you don’t listen to the words) and the PCD have done wonders for my cardio

  8. The lead singer could pass for Indian. AR is looking very cute but looks out of place in this video.

    On aside, didn’t Sukwinder Singh sing this song on the soundtrack?

  9. was not having the best day. thank you for for changing that. still cracking up @ pri’s comments.

    love rahman. thankfully that wink/blink/watever it was@1:37 was so quick it barely registered. will not be watching it again.

    thank you for sharing. you guys rock!

  10. aaaahh its iritatin to the core..esp wen she says jai ho…wat was the need o remixin it..the original one was doin so good…they don remix their songs in hindi then y rahman made an extra effort…its like not beleiving in yr work…noono din like it…they killed the song…

  11. Why is this link not working on my computer? I have a mac and am in the UK. I know YouTube have removed music videos on their UK website, have aol done the same thing? 🙁

  12. ROTFL at Kantabai on sterioids:))))
    I really wish this tacky song never happened..it’s such a disgrace to Rehman…I’m surprised he even allowed his song to be remixed.

  13. This was wrong on so many levels. Even after having being styled in sarees from Rocky S, an unimaginative yellow saree blouse and tacky bhandini green dupata was the best these people can do. Granted I understand that slumdog was trying to show that there was more to india than pretty clothes and 8 min dance seq, but for the love of god no wonder(most) non-indians, have such a horrible and limited idea of what dressing indian is. If we were going to be protrayed to the global mass media i would have hoped that they would do us justice and bring to the light some of the amazing and innovative designers we have. And the dance moves…..i don’t know what to say. Overall very disappointing.

  14. freakin killed the song…
    why do the pussycat dolls have to cash on someone elses song…. why did rahamn even agree to do it…
    my own kantabai wears better sari blouses…
    so please dont insult kantabai:)

  15. I think you should look at the like this,,, pussy cat can make this song famous in west and it is great way to promote indian culture and art in west,,hey the lead singer of the pussy cat dolls, I dont know her name, is the first westren who looks good in indian cloths, she actually looks like Shilpa Shetty a little..as for Rahman, I wish we in Afghanistan have peple like you with principle to introduce our art to west,, we do have Khalid Hussini so far and that is about it

  16. @me..hey tx..for sayin that for all of us..ppl wid principal n all…but yeh no can do sucha great work as khalid hossieni ..is coz him i feel i no afganistan n the culture there…hats of him..i no i m divertin frm the topic..

  17. Ummm okay, i assume this song would be copyrighted and anyone could do a remake only with A.R Rahmans permission. but i wonder how on earth could he agree to something like this, let alone be a part of it? the come hither lyrics with the barbie doll, butterfaced PCDs just take away the essence of the song which is about victory.

    I mean to think that a band like coldplay has turned dowm multimillion dollar contracts several times and here is A.R Rahman promoting something very disappointing (tried to use the mildest word). why ARR!! WHY???

  18. ok honestly this video makes me so sad. till now this song meant the ‘victory of hope’ to me. everytime i hear this song i think of jay patel and freida and the unity of their love and how destiny is so unpredictable and how dreams can come true and how good things happen to good people.

    BUT THIS!!!??? what is she trying to say in this song?? why is a guy following her in the middle of no where?? its so tacky and so unnecessarily vulgar! skin show is needed for songs that have no soul and need any form of extra help to work/make money. a song like ‘Jai ho’ can stand by itself – and strong!!


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