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It has been quite a busy 24 hours for Ms. Chopra who visited quite a few media outlets to promote Quantico which returned to TV over here in the US tonight.

Of the outfits she sported, have a favorite? Noticed how she (and her stylist) have been favoring micro bags as well for this promotional series.

In Vivienne Westwood, Commando + Christopher Bu, Prabal Gurung and Carolina Herrera

Photo Credit: Instagram


  1. And the clear shoes too!

    I like that the stylist has picked out and paired statement pieces rather than sticking to pretty but boring, predictable stuff. It’s not only refreshing but makes an impact, something that we need more of. The middle two looks are my favourite…those colours sign on her. The only faux pas is the denim skirt in the 4th look.

  2. Anybody else get a whiff of Megan Markle? Not as monochrome as her, obviously, but in the structured lines and the micro bags. Not hating on it, I think she’s dressed well and looks good. I also like the fact that PC doesn’t try to play totally safe or alternately show too much skin to ‘fit in’.

  3. Man, she gave four interviews in a span of 24 hours and managed to look good in all 4 of them while here I am being an eternal couch potato!!?!. I don’t have the heart to nitpick her .. You go girl !!

  4. Oh wow!! I love them all..unique and powerful looks! My least favourite is the fourth one, those sleeves seem to be encroaching on to the hands!! Yikes!

  5. Love the first look. The silhouette is perfect and I’m liking how it sits on her asymmetrically with a slit on one side. The grey pumps go so well.

  6. The Prabal Gurung look is so fresh for Spring in NYC – and the shoes are great too!
    I love the Carolina Herrera top but the skirt doesnt match. Shoes again – awesome.
    Dont care much for the other 2.

  7. The last two with the high necks and particularly the frumpy denim skirt are terrible. Even the second one I’m not sold on. Only the first one is okay.


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