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The New York leg of IIFA Awards promotions saw Priyanka in a 3.1 Phillip Lim blazer paired with sheer paneled pants (also Lim).

Considering she mostly sports dresses, the masculine look was quite a welcome change. I just wish that the pants were tailored to fall on her right. They were two inches too long and looked sloppy.

Nevertheless, she looked great ankles up.

Were the pants a deal breaker for you?

P.S. Her safety pin earrings are from Genevieve Jones.


Left: Priyanka Chopra at 2014 IIFA Awards Press Meet in New York
Right: 3.1 Phillip Lim Blazer ( Buy ) and Sheer Pants ( Buy )” target=”_blank”>Buy )


Photo credit: Facebook

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  1. Priyanka looks absolutely fab – ankle up! but the fit of the pants and the hemline is such a deal breaker – makes u wonder if she is a one woman team and she had no help for such a task or anyone else on her team to have some foresight.

        • She does have great potential. It’s sad that all her looks come off as either too high school or too trashy. I look forward to the day someone puts her in a carolina herrera gown or an ysl suit. That over processed hair needs to be sorted and that horrible brown lipstick needs to go. I’ll shut up now.

          • Yes, Carolina or Ysl. Wouldn´t that be a dream?
            PC herself said that she is cheap & she doesn´t want to spend money on her wardrobe (understandable given how many people she takes care of). & unless she is willing to shell out the money these designers will not loan her team anything, because she is not on their radar yet. Maybe when she is better known in the US, it will work out.
            lmao@”I’ll shut up now” :p

  2. How can anyone even step out of the house in such ill fitting pants…its beyond my understanding. It does not matter how pretty the make-up or the look waist up top half is. Its a fail. What was she thinking??

  3. The fit of the pants, the sheer panels and the uneven hem are just unbelievable for a celebrity of her status. Either she is economizing on her support staff or she just needs a new team. You would never see a Hollywood star of her status make such a fashion faux pas.


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