Priyanka: Fab or Drab?

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We loved that Priyanka changed it up with a jumpsuit but the print of this jumpsuit is so ghastly!

So close to being perfect and yet to ruin it with a bad print! Disappointing and certainly a Drab for us! You?


Priyanka Chopra on Farhan Akhtar’s ‘Oye! Its Friday’

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. eh…I don’t love that she changed it up to a jumpsuit
    I don’t love anything in a jumpsuit (except, maybe, babies)
    the print makes it a total WTHeyyy!!!
    the hair looks slightly better

  2. the panache with which she wears it and the cut and style is totally awesome, if only it had been a different print.. it would hv been FAB, here it looks so so

  3. the only thing this jumpsuit does is make her body proportion better.
    other than that, ghastly print, same makeup and hair, same wooden faced side pose… yawn

    just a thought! if we took 10 close ups of hers from 10 different random events, we wouldnt even be able to tell they were from separate events

  4. i dont know what the deal with jumpsuits is…seems a big trend – saw it on a few red carpet pics from hollywood too.
    not a fan!
    and it might look okkkk in black with a sexy back or something…but this fabric looks more like a bedsheet from walmart

  5. I don’t think the problem is the print as much as it is piggy chops herself. Look at the way VJ Mia is rocking a similar dress in the post below this. Priyanka’s body looks good in certain dresses, but this number would have looked better on a more willowy kind of girl.

  6. too bad…. i have to differ! i think its rather a very very smart and chic jumpsuit, as for the print… its not bad… its just different … i love it every bit


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