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Priyanka spoke at one of the sessions at the ongoing Women In The World Summit and was seen wearing tweed Ralph & Russo separates.

A better fit on the skirt suit and basic pumps would’ve made this look a winner for me. Not a fan of the clear Sergio Rossi pumps. Did you like?

Priyanka Chopra

Photo Credit: PR

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  1. Yikes! Those buttons could pop with a single pranayama breath! And the Sabya middle part has now gone international. I hope she isn’t sporting magic hair this time.

  2. Grey looks good on her, which isn’t an easy feat. In the picture where she is seen sitting down, her skirt seems to fall well. Her own session at Women In the World, good for her!

  3. Skirt is wayyyyyy too tight but also just don’t like the suit. what is with that neck line? My OCD is going insane, I really want to straighten it.
    Trying new ideas with suit necklines is dangerous business that implies arrogance but not enough talent.

  4. The suit is nice, albeit a bit boring and safe. I don’t like the way she has accessorised. The bag and shoes don’t add to look at all.

  5. something about her recent styling is all about skin tight clothes, revealing odd parts of her body..i keep getting a shilpa shetty vibe with her these days… she is trying too hard.

  6. I think these strapless and off the shoulder
    Necklines really highlight her shorter neck and make her look stubby. Obvs she can still wear them but it’s just not ideal for her body type.
    And same thing with the tiny sunglasses – they really do not suit her face and gives the illusion of a bigger face. This sunglasses situation is a great example of why one can’t just follow trends blindly, they also have to be tailored to you and suit you. I think PC is notorious for following trends blindly, even when they don’t necessarily work for her just to make a point that she’s a big time Fashionista.

  7. Some of the comments are so bitchy ! Her own piece at Women’s event is v impressive – kudos to her. This look is a bit similar to the suit look she did at the Royal wedding, both of them are not exactly suited to her.

    These necklines, and asymmetrical suits frankly don’t look good on anyone, and these sunglasses look horrible on everyone, except for Sonam I think.

    PC should try and go for the traditional suits, which look sharp and make one look angular and tall. This half suit half funky look does not work.

    And everyone complaining about how tight blah blah, dude she was wearing this all day, and sat in it too, so perhaps she was ok with it. Pictures accentuate a lot of things you know ..

  8. And plus, is this a fashion blog or what ? How come you guys don’t ever ID the bag, sunglasses etc unless the stylist themselves have mentioned it with the look. it’s quite disappointing. Loving her baguette ! Though the bag screams party, the dress I’m not sure.


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