In Twos


After celebrating her bachelorette party in white mostly in Amsterdam, Priyanka arrived in Mumbai wearing a leopard print top with burgundy pants. She left Mumbai for Delhi on Friday wearing a brown suit by Alena Akhmadullina.

Prefer the the suit or in top pants combo? Or both?

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra in Georges Chakra (left)

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. What the what, she wore that leopard print blouse and those pants on a long haul flight?? Or she changed just before exiting the airport? Both the scenarios seem bizarre, uncomfortable and impractical. Everything looks so kardashian inspired, very pantomime-ish!

  2. Girlfriend is living her best life and I sense that she finally has the environment and access to wear and be what she likes. So lovely to watch another woman just be themselves and blossom.

  3. In that Georges Chakra, how does one sit/stand/get on and off boats and do anything but wonder if the dress exposed too much? I always wanted to know how something so short is practical?
    She seems to have wholly embraced the power of social media and instagram. Makes you want the Priyanka Chopra of yore who worked hard and kept a low(er) profile than this B-list Hollywood celebrity who flaunts every moment on IG and poses with abandon.
    Are all her events sponsored by some publicity house or another?

  4. The second outfit in both the pictures are disappointing.
    And enough of the fur, PC. Do away with it. There was fur in the bridal shower dress, both bachelorette dresses 1 and 2. It has begun to give sore eyes now.

  5. I don’t like animal print but that combination looks hot.
    I love the suit as well.
    Don’t care much for the feathery look. If anything it reminds me of that Pakistani singer singing the ‘angel’ song.

  6. Feel sad for her… She seems to be desperate to belong, prove a point and blend in… her fake accent, her farcial talk, her borrowed sense of style… are so try hard.

    • The reference being made is about how she is trying to fit in to look chic, not that she isn’t, but she wears clothes that ain’t her style or panache.
      Like that tacky garbage baggish oversized ezra miller black jacket / her royal wedding lavender suit skirt and so on.
      Secondly, respect people for their opinion even if they don’t match yours, rather than labelling them as ‘haters’.



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