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Another KWK appearance and we have another Monisha Jaising Couture spotting.

The gown looks fabulous on her which makes me wish even more that she had reserved this for a live event. What I don’t like though are those extensions and the fact that she paired the black outfit with silver sandals.

Left: Monisha Jaising Couture
Right: Priyanka Chopra on Koffee With Karan

Priyanka Chopra on Koffee With Karan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, StarWorld

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      • haha when she first walked on the set I was like oo long gown how lovely then as soon as she sits she pulls it all apart to show off both legs… I couldn’t stop laughing when Karan said “are we fabulous? are we showing legs and everything else?” loll. The gown is nice actually she looks good I just found it funny.

  1. I will be honest, I just find her sense of style so not attractive. It is the predictable short hemlines, with pagenty looking hair. The gown looks great on the model, but honestly looks tacky on her. It all just looks so prom-like.

    I would really just love to see her a little more conservatively dressed for a change, even a jacket with a decently long skirt would be sufficient. Something other than short short skirts and low necklines or backs. Granted she has a great body…but time for a change!!!

    • I agree with the top paragraph, looks okay on model, but unattractive on her, i never like these small skirt on the inside with “cape like” long skirt on the outside dresses.

    • Similar thoughts as u.
      The dress looks OK when she is standing but when she sitting (saw in the trailers), it looks lingerie like… the shoulder detail even looked lacy to me !
      I wish she had worn something nicer for the show. Shahid looked good on the show !

  2. A jacket with a decently long skirt?? really?? ms meow needs to take it easy 🙂

    I honestly don find her extensions tacky in this look. I hated those all other times. She is looking Fab. Loving the makeup. Gown is fab. P & P Shahid looks yummy.. y did u cut him off? 🙁

    • Well with long obviously I meant something that sits above the knees. I OBVIOUSLY didn’t mean a floor length skirt. You can look elegant without showing too much all the time. Priyanka tends to go for more revealing stuff most of the time, I am sure a change would look good.

    • I think what ms.meow meant is that for a change she should ditch her ultra short skirts and wear other lengths.. Wearing a knee lenghth skirt once in a way doesn’t make one a grandma you know 🙂

      There are a lot of celebs out there with rocking bods who experiment with different kinds of clothes while piggy chops is eternally stuck in a super tight ultra short number like she’s never going to turn a day over 16 :):)

  3. She has the most unfortunate hair i have ever seen. she tries and tries to make it look presentable but it always falls flat . I would be curious to see what it looks like in REAL life like when she wakes up

    • It is her skin, she can wear what she wants. Maybe you should just look away or not click on her posts, knowing how predictable her dress sense is. Commenting on her dress sense is one thing, telling her to cover up is another.

      Even if she wanted to go short and sexy every time, she could still look very chic. Its her outfits that are the problem here.There are tons of American celebs who wear risque outfits most of the time, and still look fabulous.

  4. obviously, this style of dress looks good only when you are walking on the runway and the back, long potion sways with style… not a good choice for a talk show

  5. Tacky everything. She is someone who can never look fab.. probably because her idea of fashion is super short, tiny clothes.. even if they are ugly. When you’re so hellbent on showing off your body, nothing else like styling, good taste or anything matters.

  6. Ms. Chopra loves to show skin!!

    Proof? The shoulder detail is different in both the pictures!

    While on the model, the shoulder detail is attached to the dress which makes the neckline look very nice, On Ms. Chopra the sholder detail has an additional two inches of thread before it attaches itself to the dress (weird),

    I think it was modified just so that the dress sits lower on Ms. Chopra’s chest.

    ugh! TACKY and TRASHY!

  7. I really liked her hair. i usually like her hair. shes beautiful. all the boyz i know think shes super hot and they r rite. shes a beauty. and i like that dress, i like dresses with cool cuts and it has a nice neckline


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