1. Man, Payal, you have become so personal in your comments lately. Is everything ok with you? Can we go back to the old days, when you guys were so much more respectful?

  2. I think she looks good. Hair included. Pity the same expectation on hair doesn’t extend to the world of Bollywood and their neighborhood while wearing and walking around being literal looksbooks of Sabya.

  3. I am a little surprised by her fashion choices. She is trying to get this newly wed Desi-American bride balance right and not sure if that includes getting across a southern US touch to her clothing choices with boots et.al. Wearing cropped denim pants with leather boots in all colors (the hideous white ones, then leopard print now black) is beyond confusing….I wish she would showcase relaxed silhouette pants/dresses/ jumpsuits/ with cotton blazers to transform for her professional obligations…She has a tendency to put on weight in her midsection and she is trying to conceal it which leads to extra confusion of her trying to conceal her ‘pregnancy’….As a woman in her 30s and with an undesirable paunch myself, I get it. I too do the same. But it is mind boggling when stars with so much access don’t lead the way in giving us more ideas…she has worn this sooo many times and it is absolutely the most ridiculous silhouette she has adopted since her mini dress days….I wish we could see more Indian casual/tunic inspired looks some days….It amazes me how her other sis in law Sophie dresses down so well and she is always in this go go go mode…I am sure to incur the wrath of her fans but I dunno how else to put it…I have come to admire Kareena’s off duty looks so much more…

    • Completely agree with this comment. Her looks have actually been quite bizarre lately! The ankle boots with wide cuffed pants. There is always so much going on. Honestly yuck!

  4. She is looking hot. So much better that the regular looks of other celebrities (read OD of regular looks of Alia) that are hyped up around here. I am not a fan at all but this is an uncalled for criticism.

  5. I love her here. Maybe because it looks close to my personal preference of looking dressed up with minimal effort – wear something striking and stick to just wearing a bright lipstick with it. Also helps that she is flashing a very natural smile !

  6. excuse me?..what’s wrong with her hair?..We already live in a world of unachievable and might I add, foolish standards for women and hear you are only furthering the same kind of toxic garbage. Why don’t you get away form the Internet and take in some of the spring instead?

  7. If she is on the East Coast, it has been quite cold of late. I am in Montreal, still wearing a winter coat and boots for the -5 degree weather.

  8. The woman in the background seems to be wearing a pink jacket – it’s likely still chilly where she is.The whole of the US does not have the same weather as Texas! And her hair looks fine.

  9. I know what you mean by the hair comment Payal, I guess it’s a matter of personal taste and opinion as is all things here, but the hair was the first thing that jumped out at me too. Something about the way she styles and cuts her hair often feels so dated, or whatever it is i can’t put my finger on it but is an eye sore.

  10. That’s a gorgeous coat! Would have loved to see it paired with a pastel blue outfit to lighten it up for spring. But the black leather would have made a shoe pairing difficult ..

  11. So celebrities are styled ALL THE TIME now? How come she wears head to toe Coach for an ‘outing’ in NYC?
    I mean don’t they own any clothes of their own at all? If I already see the model on the runway, why should I see another person in the same thing styled identically again? I’d like to see PC in some clothes that she owns or curates or atleast not in runway fashion.
    I see celebritiy magazines in the US and the actors are often sporting casual looks that are very different from looks they wear on any show/movie/premiere. You can figure out that they are wearing at least some personal items. This is so strange that she is always in designer wear all the time. Not just her, but off-late even the very ordinary and casual suits are all designer in Bollywood. Doesn’t look casual to me and if she is wanting to show she has “fit-in”, being so uptight about wearing only runway fashion doesn’t help her case.
    I miss seeing a genuine PC, now its all about her brand.



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