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For the Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards, it was a red beaded Monisha Jaising gown and Jimmy Choos for Priyanka. Between the material and the tacktastic beading, the gown felt much too prom-ish.

Adding to the look’s woes was that hair. Sigh. She was having such a great run, of late.


Priyanka Chopra at Hello! Hall Of Fame Awards 2013

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. God, why is she dressed like a teenager out on prom night? Very disappointing and amateurish. Absolutely hate her expression. You’ve been doing this FOREVER now, Priyanka. Surely there’s no excuse for this.

  2. Very disappointing! Just when we saw a ray of hope, she decided to wear this. This is tacky to the core. What’s with that skin coloured material?? -_-

  3. the beads on Priyanka’s dress give me a sense of deja vu (Vidya Balan’s heavily beaded WTHeyyy! appearance in an Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla at the Filmfare awards way back)…tacky dress…without the beads it would have been a different story…

  4. When will these actresses learn that this flesh toned net thing she is wearing completely ruins any gown they could possibly wear. She looks like a back up dancer in costume for some number in a Farah Khan film rather than “Guess Girl, International pop star, highest paid actress in Bollywood”.

  5. Argh! That illusion neckline!
    Ew – the hairspray on that hair wouldve taken ages to take out.
    And – come on! There have to be better RED body hugging gowns out there.
    She is super inconsistent with her looks.

  6. Dear PC, I beg that you start acting your age and wearing clothes that make you look classy and not like some broke girl from Idaho wearing a homemade dress, stitched by an 80 year old grandmom. (Even my 86 year old grandmom wouldn’t approve of this). As for Monisha Jaising, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You really think it is acceptable to make such a tacktastic dress in 2013? This wasn’t even acceptable in the 90’s. Please stop designing effective immediately if you truly believe this is a masterpiece. Humbly, a big PC fan.

  7. Boy! a lot of PC critiques extending rather harsh comments beyond her choice of gown….sad. Anyway as bad as this gown is PC fantabulous body looks good in it.

  8. This look is so 90’s .. it isn’t a good look by 90’s standard also.
    That slit and illusion netting makes it look like one of the cabaret costumes from our beloved Bollywood movies!
    She does such a HUGE injustice to her fab body by getting into such hideous clothes .. are all the actresses that clueless about clothes that without good stylists they just end up looking WTHEYY … ?? This event had the biggest display of tacky clothes out there!!


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