Dress Like The Stars!

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YOOX has a huge collection of clothes and right now several of them are on sale. Below are a few that we found that we have already seen on some of our favorite and some not so favorite stars before.

The prices may still be too high but then there is nothing wrong with having a looksee? Is there? 😉

See anything you like?


Left: Priyanka Chopra, Filmfare Awards 2008
Right: Jean Paul Gaultier Halter Dress $2,158.00 $1,404.00


Left: Sonam Kapoor, Katrina Kaif Birthday Party
Right: Stella McCartney Ruffle Dress $834.00 $542.00


Left: Gauri Khan, Arjun Rampal Party
Right: Dolce and Gabbana Polka Dot Dress $ 1,565.00 $ 1,018.00


Left: Preity Zinta, Gr8 Women Achievers Awards
Right: Dolce and Gabbana Metallic Dress $940.00 $ 752.00

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. @ apsara,
    it’s all about lighting and the camera angle. with bright flashing lights and a bad angle, d dress wudv looked equally tin foil-like on Preity. 🙂

  2. i am not liking any of the dresses. but i realllly reallly do not like what Sonam and priyanka r wearing. i like d way preity’s dress looks in that specific pic but like apsara77 said, it’s too tin foil like otherwise. gauri’s isn’t bad.

  3. Love most dresses…..However I can’t help but notice – isn’t Gauri Khan also sporting a little paunch?? The dress does nothing for her apparently!!

  4. Except for Priyanka, everyone looks fab!! Preity looks stunning and Sonam is very chic as usual. Gauri is also so much better, her skin looks less oily and is glowing.
    I agree with @Ratan, but then Gauri isn’t an actor or a model. She can afford to have a paunch!

  5. Even I liked everyone’s except Priyanka’s. There are very few pics I see Gauri happy….and this one she looks better and smiling.

  6. okies metalic belts on Guari and Preity, let me tell a little tale about Metalic belts with locks and keys hagning from them, during Cassnova era in europe in order to keep a girl’s virginity they would make her wear this metalic belt and panti which had a lock you know where and she would open and close that lock whenever she was going to toilet, now dears in today’s world why should we dress ladies and not girls in metalic belts: they already found their key they dont need chain and lock any more.

  7. @me
    that’s a chastity belt dear, and that wasn’t worn around the waist (obviously) 🙂
    LOVE Priety’s look the most, I miss the days when she used to look amazing
    Sonam looks good, her makeup was off- but she still looks good
    Gauri…eh, I LOVED the dress on Rose McGowan- becasue she has that hot bod and pretty skin, and face- but Gauri ruined it with her hair makeup and belt
    PC looks boring

  8. Sonam looks the best. She is another stylista in the making.
    Also, the D&G dress looks fab but not on Gauri and certainly not with the broad waist belt. Had she eliminated the belt and kept it simple , the dress would have worked. I cant really comment much on her make up because I like when the face has that moist, greasy look than the chalky, flaky one.
    Piggy’s dress doesnt work for me and neither does Priety’s.

  9. Girls, GAURI KHAN IS NOT A STAR. She is a star wife alright – that does not put her in thE same bracket as women who work their butt off – and it is a lot of work.

  10. dis is how it goes….
    1st- preity…she looks awesum n da best among da 4
    2nd- sonam…looks stunnin, she’s well dressd mostly
    3rd- gauri…da dress looks good on her
    4th- priyanka…may be she or da dress creates a vry skinny impact…..

  11. Miss seeing PZ in her stylish avtars. She tweeted that she’s taking 2 months to get “superfit”. Hope she comes back with a bang.


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