1. Actually neck down BOTH look horrible IMO. Neck up Prachi looks cute. Divya – the less said the better – hot mess is the first word to come to mind.

  2. Pretty ladies but slightly odd blouse designs? I like the color schemes on both outfits though.

    I normally prefer straight-edge borders to scalloped ones but I kind of like the scalloped border in the first pic.

    An accessories question for the fashionistas here (I’m a complete idiot when it comes to these things.) When attending a function at night, is it always better to carry a clutch with a saree, like in the above left photo? Does a purse with straps ever work, or does it look a bit too bulky with evening/formal sarees?

    • ya same here..verryyy surprised..
      Divya seems to be a Repeat Offender, she really needs to get some good friends who’ll Finally tell her the honest truth coz the mirror seems to not work

  3. the wide neck and blue blous makes divya look vrey dispropotionate. the transparent saree brings too much attention to her blouse which just does more harm than good.


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