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September editions of Verve and Bazaar Bride had Pooja in Anamika Khanna and Nimrat in AM:PM respectively. The Bazaar one sure was a lot more striking, not only because its’ been a while since we’ve seen Ms. Kaur on our pages but also cuz she looked hella sexy on it.


Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I like both, but Bazaar wins on the ambiance / mood / lighting alone..
    Nimrat looks great but I do wish she wasn’t hunching, and the blouse fit her better.

  2. Nimrat looks luscious and very beautiful. Like a woman who’s come into her own. Pooja on the other hand clearly hasn’t. I hope she figures out her style and substance soon.

  3. Can not recognize Pooja. She looks so different. Nimrit looks too sexy for a bride but then its just a magazine cover so I like it. Plus she has great assets and that too real ones !

  4. Nimrat look super hot, though I wish her blouse fitted better. But its definitely an arresting cover. Pooja looks good too, though hard to recognize her. I wish her cover a little bit more color.

  5. It’s refreshing to see a cover not entirely choreographed. The clothes look real and not spay painted on insanely photo shopped bodies. I like that she’s not posing with a ram rod straight back. The slight hunch makes her real. Plus, she’s hot.


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