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What can ruin a perfectly cute pink dress. You got it. A bra that is not supposed to be seen! And what’s worse than that.. when its a black bra under a light colored cloth. That is the blunder that Gul Panag made while wearing this pink sheath dress.

So.. you want to wear a great dress but the straps are narrow, what do you do?

For starters, wear a strapless bra. Your best bet is a nude color because you can wear it under light or dark colored clothes.

Buy via Victoria’s Secret

If a strapless does not support you well enough, then get some double sided tape to stick the bra straps to the dress. That way even if you move, your bra won’t get a mind of its own and make an appearance!

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There it is.. my good deed for the day! Now you can worry about one less thing when you are getting dressed the next time..

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