Parineeti on Elle India:(Un)Covered

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Elle serves not one but two covers this Oct with Parineeti on it wearing a Sabyasachi Couture gown on one and a Balmain for HM embellished blazer on the other. As gorgeous as she looks in the former, the latter cover was just the more striking one.

Which cover do you like more?

P.S.Click on image for a bigger version.


Parineeti Chopra on Elle India
Left: In Sabyasachi Couture
Right: In Balmain For H&M

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Neither?? Seriously? This is so much better than the Vogue cover with deepika and ranveer, with letters scrawled around their bodies. If people want ‘hot’ covers, why turn to fashion magazines? Anyhow, Vogue India is less a fashion magazine, more a bollywood fixture so I guess it makes sense :-/

  2. As much as I love Parineeti, she looks awful in these covers. It took me quite some time to figure out who that is!! Doesn’t look natural and “herself” at all

  3. The covers are striking and as style stories they are great. However Parineeti just doesn’t look like herself and that’s disconcerting as she’s gorgeous and these images look like a totally a different person. Hard to get on board with these photoshop transformations when the original images were likely gorgeous as is…

  4. In the Balmain, she looks a little like Anushka Sharma. If you squint hard….

    I don’t think she looks bad. I think its good she’s experimenting with her looks and that she’s confident enough to try something different. Parineeti has been very safe/awkward with her fashion choices, so this, even though overly photoshopped, is a new direction. And I love that.
    She needs to take more risks and honestly if you don’t push the envelop you get labelled boring anyway. This, over a safe skirt with crop top anyday!


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