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The Cannes 2024 opening ceremony saw Paola who is a model wearing a black Rahul Mishra gown from the designer’s Winter 2024 collection. Me, I wouldn’t preferred if the gown didn’t have that sheer element around the thighs but that is more on the design of the gown. She, though, wore it well.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Paola Turani

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  1. I actually kind of like the sheer elements, it brings out the embroidery design really well . Otherwise that would be just another black dress

  2. Gorgeous gown but I like the placement of that heart shape embroidered piece leading to sheer fabric on thighs. That said, I love seeing Indian designers featured at major red carpet events.

  3. Looks good but Don’t love it, can’t help but the design resembles mould. The knee patch is very distracting after the pelvic sheer.

  4. This dress looks so much nicer on the model and I think it has to do with her gorgeous bronze skin causing the sheer overlay to work with the solid black part of the dress in a more harmonious way. On Paola’s lighter skin the contrast between the sheer and solid parts of the dress is not flattering.


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