Building A Wardrobe For Work..

A lot of us are professional working women. We work in different environments. Some workplaces are very casual and some places are very formal. We still all need to have the following basic things in our wardrobe without question!

1. We do not get a job unless we all go through an interview process. So, the first important piece of your wardrobe needs to be a great SUIT jacket. A good classic black suit is a great way to make a first impression on your would-be employer! Since we all have different body types, definitely try a few different stores to find one that fits you just right. Don’t just go buying one because it is on sale. Big Mistake. Nothing worse than an ill-fitting suit when you are trying to make a first impression!

Buy via J.Crew

2 and 3. Traditionally, we always wear suits with pants, except, there is another option, the skirt. Nowadays, all suit jackets come with matching skirts and pants.

Buy via Banana Republic Buy via J.Crew

The best part of having a skirt and pants are that now you can wear them with the suit jacket for formal events and lose the jacket for a more informal setting.

When it comes to skirts, there are different fits. Some look great in a pencil skirt, while some look better with an A-line look. For pants, I totally swear by Express’ Editor pants. I can gain 10 pounds or lose 10, and they still look fantastic!

4. Every wardrobe should have a crisp white shirt! It goes with everything, even a good ol’ pair of jeans. A good tailored white shirt not only makes you look extra smart, but it can also accentuate your figure and make you look thin!

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5. Another option to wear with pants or skirts is a good knit top. Its a little less casual but you can always dress it up with a pair of pearls, a scarf, or even a great brooch.

Buy via Ann Taylor

6. To finish up the clothes, always keep a cardigan close. I have heard many co-workers always complain (even during summer) about how cold it gets and then always wear an awful sweatshirt. With a cardigan at hand, you can always put it on when you are feeling chilly and not mess up your hair while putting it on.

Buy via Banana Republic

7. Now that clothes are done, let’s move onto all our accessories starting with shoes. A good pair of black pumps are a great investment. You can wear them all the time once you find a comfortable pair with medium heels.

Buy via Aldo

8. Last but not least, pair your awesome wardrobe with a great bag. Every professional woman must have one GOOD bag that you can use all the time.

Buy via Kate Spade

To recap all the items, here is the checklist:

1. Suit Jacket (Preferably Black for a first)
2. Pencil or A-line Skirt (Depending on your body type)
3. Trousers (1 Black, 1 Gray and 1 Brown)
4. Cotton tailored shirts (Including 1 white and 1 black)
4. Knit tops (Any color)
5. Cardigan (Any color)
6. Comfortable black pumps
7. Functional work bag

What I listed are some basics that every wardrobe should have. Once you have a good basic collection (consisting of whites,blacks and browns), go ahead and delve into other colors based on the season.

As I end this post, I am attaching this other post that talks about how to accessorize with your work wardrobe. All the points it mentions are very very important! Read it here

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Indian Fashion And Celebrities: Part Deux


Spotted Mischa Barton out and about in New York sporting an Indian style stole/shawl and its such a great way to add some zing to an otherwise bland outfit!

For more pictures, go Here

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Sushmita Sen supporting Shiksha

I think the Smithsonian just reported the “Seinfeld Puffy Shirt” missing!

Ms. Sen, along with Konkona Sen Sharma was supporting Shiksha, an NGO that is devoted to educating underprivileged children in India. But, unlike Konkona, who wore a subtle black kurta, Ms Sen decided to go over the top!

For more pics, go here

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Say Cheers!

I am a martini purist and while I believe in the classic gin and olive combination, in a classic martini glass, just once in a while I do like to mix it up though! And for evenings like those, what can be better than the Cubist Martini Set from Red Envelope?

These glasses are designed in such a way that the conical end rests in the cube provided, and if you are worried that the warmth from your hand would spoil the perfect temperature of the drink then worry not, because the ice in the cube ensures that the drink stays cold. And we all know how important it is for a martini to be really, really cold!

Buy Via Red Envelope

How great is the Cubist Vodka Set also from Red Envelope? These shot glasses nest in a great espresso colored tray which you can fill up with ice to keep them not only stable but also appropriately cold and very fashionable!

Buy ViaRed Envelope

With glasses like that, who wouldn’t raise a toast? Salut!

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Meenakari jewelry..

There are many styles of Indian jewelry, and another one I am going to profile today is Meenakari jewelry.

Meenakari is the style of decorating metal with enamel. This jewelry making style was introduced to India by the Mughals and is mostly made by folks in Rajasthan. Now, most of the time you find mostly gift boxes or cases with extensive Meenakari work, but I was able to find some really good sites that sell some really cute jewelry pieces too.

Check out these goodies!

Buy via Jewel Ace

Buy via Jewel Ace

Buy via Jewel Ace

Buy via Exotic India

To understand how they create these pieces, read this article

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