The Most Expensive Sari?


    It just might be! That is what “The Chennai Silks” claims this sari to be.

    What makes it so expensive, you wonder?
    Well, for starters, the silk sari has been woven with twelve precious stones and also features replications of 11 of Raja Ravi Verma paintings.

    What kind of precious stones we talking about?
    umm…emeralds, rubies, pearls set in platinum and gold are just a few of the stones that were woven intricately onto the sari to adorn the women in the paintings..

    What will this sari will cost you?
    A mere Rs 40 lakhs!

    Quick! Better hide the newspapers and turn off the tv before your mother-in-law asks for one!

    Watch the video of the unveiling here

    Read original article here.


    1. The sari looks really great and beautiful. But, makes me wonder, once draped would the masterpiece would even be visible on it. Somehow, it would have to be hooked on to shoulders to let the border fall through, otherwise the painting would be lost in pleats.




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