Yay For Ritu Kumar!!!

Update: So, turns out it ain’t Miss India who won the National Costume award! She alongwith nine others were selected as the winners of the top 10 best National Costume show. Click here to see the article.


Ritu Kumar’s design for Ms. World Simran Kaur Mundi won the Best National Costume award at Miss Universe 2008!

Now, I didn’t like the cutout choli at all but am so in love with the lehenga!!!

miss_universe_simran.jpg miss_universe_simran_ritu.jpg

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Another Phase?

First, it was the leggings phase (as seen here, here, here and here)… and now it seems its the turn of easy black dresses paired with contrasting jackets, chunky shoes and statement jewelry…

June, 08
July, 08

Simone Singh


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When It Works Not

The bed-head hair, the jeweled buckled belt, the sleeves, the oversized clutch, none of it seems to be working for us!

madhoo-wth-olive-1.jpg madhoo-wth-olive-22.jpg

Madhoo At Olive Launch

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Baby Steps

Loved the blue shoes. Well anything would be an improvement over those ghastly pink ones!

(If only she upgraded her dress a bit, it would’ve been perfect!)

Oct, 07
July, 08


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Oh No! She Didn’t!

Oh, she soooo did!

We are talking about Deepika, who it seems wore a gown from her movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno” to the green carpet of IIFA 2008! (Check out the trailer to see it- pay special attention about 25 seconds into it and then again at about the 48th sec!)

Now, we have seen Rani wear the same dress from her movie and Shriya and Diya wear their looks on the runway but then their excuse is that they were promoting their movie. We never heard that these two (Deepika and Ranbir) were at the event to promote their movie, which is why this whole episode is quite funny!

Thanks “Sunaina” and “Saudamini” for pointing this to us!

Deepika Padukone

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